Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Mid term Election- After thoughts

Good Morning..Allow me to rant this morning...about the aftermath of those mid term elections two days ago...

I'm happy that the Democrats won the house...but very disapointed that not only did they not win the Senate...they actually lost a couple of seats...

I'm disapointed that Gillium, Beto and Stacey Abrams did not win...There was no Blue Wave...Just a ripple..

The Democrats did what they were expected to do..Win the house...They lost key governorships in states that would have hurt #45... #45...Gotta give him credit where credit is due.....He played to his strengths and though he got a black eye...He did manage to stop the bleeding...It could have been worse for him...Game well played Mr. President..For now...Your day of reckoning is coming.. Believe that! 

 One thing I saw...and Democrats and Progressives can learn from this... Republicans, even when they dont like each other can manage to see the big picture and come together for the greater good (for them) Democrats and Progressives can't seem to do that...There is still a great divide.. Look, Ted Cruz doesn't like #45 and #45 doesn't like "Lyin Ted "Cruz...

but the Republicans needed that seat and they put their differences aside and came together and got the job done.. in 2016, when Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination...The Left couldn't see the big picture...We've got to stop Trump...

They split into two camps..The Hillary Clinton camp and the "I'm not voting for either of them" camp...and the Results...#45 won and the Republicans won the House and the Senate in a race where they should have lost everything.. Even Mitch McConnell was shocked...They had to come to the men's room and get him off the toilet...He was in there crying until he heard the results...So I say that to say this..We've got to settle our diferences (like they do) and look at the bigger picture (Like They do!) The big picture being..We want this clown out of the White House....(Drops the Mike and walks off!)

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