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Weekend Humor

Claire was becoming frustrated with her husband's insistence that they always have sex in the dark all the time..
Hoping to rid him of his inhibitions, during a passionate evening she flipped on her reading lamp and was shocked to find a cucumber in his hand.

"Is this what you have been using on me for the past 8 years?" she exclaimed.

"Honey, let me explain…." he pleaded.

"You sneaky swine!" she screamed. "You impotent Son of a Bitch!"she yelled.

"Speaking of sneaky!" he interjected,

"Perhaps you'd care to explain our two children!!"

Everybody have a groovalicious weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rest in Peace, Maurice White

I'll do my weekend Humor post tomorrow....I got the news late last night, That Maurice White, the founder and bandleader of one of my favorite groups, Earth,Wind and Fire died...

Maurice White, age 74, died in his sleep in Los Angeles on Thursday morning. He suffered from Parkinson's Disease.

His band, Earth, Wind & Fire had a series of hits including September, Boogie Wonderland, Shining Star and After the Love has Gone. Among others too numerous to name here..

The singer-songwriter was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1992 but his condition was reported to have gotton worse in recent months.

Earth, Wind & Fire were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000, and Maurice White, himself was individually inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2010.

Popularly known by his nickname of Reese, he worked with various well-known recording artists such as The Emotions, Barbra Streisand, Cher and Neil Diamond.

"My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep," Verdine White, also a member of the band, told The Associated Press on Thursday.

"While the world has lost another great musician and legend, our family asks that our privacy is respected as we start what will be a very difficult and life changing transition in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes."

The group tweeted: "Our brother Maurice White passed peacefully in his sleep this morning. The light is he, shining on you and me.

Bette Midler was among those to pay tribute to the star on Twitter: "Maurice White, founding member of Earth, Wind and Fire, has died. Great music, energy, great spirit. The Lord must need a band up there."

"Thank you Maurice White for creating some of the greatest soul funk and R&B music of all time. Gratitude," wrote Mark Ronson.

Queen Latifah thanked White "for the gift of your music!" and singer and actress Jill Scott said: "Your music is the template of spirituality and greatness. Thank you. Be ever wonderful".

Lenny Kravitz posted a fulsome tribute on Instagram: "King. Genius. Leader. Teacher. Producer. Arranger. Writer. Multi-instrumentalist. Motivator. Mystic. Through his music and artistic expression, he taught me a lifetime's worth of knowledge. He is at the top of the list of all of the greatest masters. The music he left behind as Earth Wind and Fire, mixed with his messages of love, will live on forever."

Earth, Wind & Fire have sold more than 90 million albums worldwide. Many of the group's earlier hits were characterised by Phillip Bailey's bright falsetto voice.

In an interview with the Associated Press news agency in 2000, Maurice White said that he wanted Earth, Wind & Fire's music to inspire people rather than just entertain them.

"That was the whole objective, to try to inspire young people to believe in themselves and to follow through on their ideas," he said.

"We've touched so many people with these songs." he said.

He and Earth Wind and Fire certainly touched me.
Maurice White (left) and Ralph Johnson of Earth Wind & Fire (file photo)              
The band is perhaps best known for its exuberant, horn-driven mix of jazz, funk, gospel and Big Band music played at concerts where they performed in glitzy costumes underneath multi-coloured lights. They played at many top venues including the Super Bowl and the White House.

"We live in a negative society,'" White informed Newsweek at the peak of the band's success. "Most people can't see beauty and love. I see our music as medicine."

In other tributes, Nile Rodgers posted a YouTube video with the tweet: "Back in the day we paid homage to your genius before we were Chic!," calling Maurice White "one of the most amazing innovators of all time".

"Just heard we lost #MauriceWhite, echoed Beverley Knight. "Gutted although I knew he was ill a long time. Soundtrack of my childhood. Seminal R&B smashers."

This year's Oscar host, Chris Rock, tweeted an image of the singer, with the words: "R.I.P the great Maurice White. 'You can't hide love'."

"Your contributions to music will be kept in our hearts and souls foever," posted Quincy Jones on Twitter, paying tribute to the star.

CeeLo Green wrote: "Rest well master Maurice White. Your work was well done and you earned and deserve eternal peace."

On the radio, DJs Nick Grimshaw, Christian O'Connell and Lauren Laverne all paid tribute to the singer, with O'Connell renaming his breakfast show Boogie Wonderland.

Earth ,Wind & Fire was one of three acts...(The others being Stevie Wonder and The Isley Brothers ) who whenever they came out with an album...It was a MAJOR EVENT!!! Play any song by EWF and I can tell you where I was, What girl I was liking...What school I was going to...What was going on in my life at the time...They were just that type of group! (Remembering Maurice White!)

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I've Learned

1.Sometimes Family can hurt you worse than strangers.

2.People who didn't believe in you will be the first to tell someone they met you or they knew you once you become succesful.

3.The less you expect from people, the less they can disappoint you.

4.A prophet is never respected in his own land.

5.You either die a hero or you live long enough to become a villian.

6.Be like water, be able to bend and turn with the curves of the day.

7. I stopped making resolutions...I try to change something about myself every week.

8.Curiosity may have killed the cat...but lack of curiosity kills your mind.

9.Great People talk about ideas and ideals...Weak people talk about other people.

10.Love is elusive, which is why we write poems, songs, stories about it.


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Random Thoughts

1. One on One between Allen Iverson and Steph Curry...Who would win?

2. Is Donald Trump's campaign for real or some big ruse?

3.Since the only thing they can do with the water in Flint, Michigan is flush the toilet...Why should they pay the water bill?

4.The FBI made the first arrests today in that Militia take over of the federal Wildlife reserve...I guess they were tired of being punked for two weeks.

5.Can anybody tell me what purpose snow serves?

6.Chris Christie the governor of New Jersey was asked why he was still in New Hampshire campaigning when there was flooding and  snowstorm damage in New Jersey...He replied flippantly-
''What do you want me to do, go down there with a mop?" What if President Obama addressed people like that? Can you imagine the outrage??

7.Donald Trump is not participating in the Republican debate tonight...Depending on your opinion of Donald Trump, you can either blame Megyn Kelly or send her flowers.

8. Beauty or Danger?

9.I love That McDonald's serves Breakfast All Day!

10.I'm sure Gonna Miss President Obama when he's gone!


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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