Monday, September 30, 2013

Must Have Been Out Of My Mind

I must have been out of my mind when I wrote yesterday's post predicting an upset win for the Philadelphia Eagles... There was an upset alright!! My upset stomach as I watched my Eagles lose to the Denver Broncos, 52-20.....

Peyton Manning made quick work of the Philadelphia Eagles in a warp-speed game between the NFL's top two offenses, both of which like to snap the ball quickly.

The Denver Broncos scored more points than they ever had in their 54-year history on Sunday, blowing out the Eagles 52-20 behind Peyton Manning's four touchdown throws and two special teams scores.

''Might have to give old Thunder an IV after this one,'' Manning said of the white Arabian horse who trots around the Sports Authority Field following touchdowns.
If there's any IV bags left, that is. The Eagles are all hooked up to them!

With two TD passes each to Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, Peyton Manning completed all but a half dozen of his 34 throws for 327 yards.

Denver cruised past the Eagles so fast and so furious...Peyton Manning  didn't even step on the field in the fourth quarter and cooled his jets on the sideline for a 12-minute stretch in the first half, no less.

Just another day in the life of Peyton Manning, whose 16 TD passes are the most in the first month of a season, besting the previous mark of 14 set by Don Meredith in 1966 and tied by Kurt Warner in 1999.
Manning also joined Milt Plum in 1960 as the only quarterbacks to throw that many touchdown passes without an interception.
''We have high expectations for ourselves and want to go out there and score a lot of points,'' Welker said. ''We were able to do that today.''
Just as they have all season, piling up 49, 41, 37 and 52 points, thanks mostly to Manning, who's off to the best start of his storied career and helped Denver outgain Michael Vick and the Eagles 472 yards to 450.

And that's all that needs to be written about yesterday's game...Glad I'm not a gambler...I'd of gotten took as they say.

What a way to start the week...but in Philadelphia....We are kind of used to it!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upset Anyone?

When I write posts like this ,I often think back to January 2008....The first post I ever wrote for this blog...It was about the Eagles...So here I am , five years later on any given Sunday writing about my 1-2 Philadelphia Eagles...

This Sunday finds The Denver Broncos  trying for a franchise-record 15th consecutive regular-season win Sunday when my  Philadelphia Eagles come to town.

It would tie them for the ninth-longest streak all-time, still a ways back from the league-record of 23 that Manning helped Indianapolis set from 2008-09.

Denver's run of 14 in a row, dating to a loss at New England on Oct. 7, ties the franchise record set from 1997-98 during the team's two Super Bowl-winning seasons. Manning, a Colts rookie in 1998, didn't figure one way or the other into that streak, but his start this year has everything to do with potentially topping it.
"We get to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks and football players to ever play the game," tight end Julius Thomas said. "He's great. There's no other way to cut it up or slice it."
The future Hall of Famer has never opened a season with a three-game quarterback rating higher than his current one of 134.7, which leads the NFL. His previous best was 119.9 in 2004.

"It's a huge challenge," Eagles coach Chip Kelly said. "He's one of the all-time great quarterbacks in the history of the league, not just this season, he's done it for such a long time. He prides himself on his preparation. I think if you're a competitor, you're looking forward to it."

 My Eagles must face the league's best offense through the  three weeks of this season so far. The  Denver Broncos (3-0) are putting up averages of 486.7 yards and 42.3 points, 10.3 better than second-best Green Bay Packers.

Peyton Manning (who incidentally shares a birthday with yours truly) has a record 12 passing touchdowns through three games. He's gotten there without throwing an interception, which ties the record number of TD passes Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had in 2010 before his first pick. It took Vick eight games to get there.

Demaryius Thomas has a team-high 20 catches and 307 yards, while Julius Thomas and Wes Welker are one off the league lead with four touchdown catches apiece. Eric Decker has 17 receptions in his last two games, including eight for 133 yards and a score in a 37-21 win over Oakland on Monday night.

"I don't have a great comparison to other years, but guys are making good plays in the passing game," Peyton Manning said. "We're doing a good job getting yards after the catch. That makes a big difference. ... Those are the kind of plays that really help get the drives going."

The Eagles (26.3) might not be scoring as much as the Broncos, but they're certainly moving the ball and are second in the league with an average of 461.7 yards. And there in lies my hope and the only reason for writing this piece...I smell an upset. Let that marinate a minute...I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks that...The curse of the fanatically loyal fan.

They have the league's top rushing offense with 627 yards. They're the only team this year to crack 500, and their 6.6 yards-per-carry average is 1.3 higher than any other team.

LeSean "Shady"  McCoy leads the league with 395 yards rushing while MikeVick is tied for 14th with 187 while averaging 10.4 per carry.

Those numbers might not matter if the Eagles (1-2) can't find a way to defend the pass against Peyton Manning. The Eagles are allowing an average of 323.0 yards through the air, worse than every team other than the Broncos (327.0), Washington and San Diego.

"Pass defense is everybody," Kelly said. "It's generating the pass rush, not letting the quarterback feel comfortable, being close in coverage. It's a combination of all those things."
Vick's first two games this year were promising, helping Kelly to his first NFL win in Week 1 against Washington before losing a shootout with Philip Rivers in Week 2 at home against San Diego.

Mike Vick hit a snag in a 26-16 home loss to Kansas City last Thursday, completing 13 of 30 attempts for 201 yards and a touchdown with his first two interceptions of the year.

The Broncos' defense, though, showed some holes against a far less proven quarterback in Week 3, yielding 281 yards and a touchdown on 28 attempts by Oakland's Terrelle Pryor.

"We probably played a little bit loose," cornerback Chris Harris said. "I'm not giving excuses. They made plays. A lot of things happened when he scrambled. We have another scrambling quarterback this week. That's something we need to improve on."

Just a little light at the end of the tunnel.....Of course ,more than likely...I'm going to be wrong...and not mention this again....But.....What if I'm right?  What if this turns out to be a magical Sunday and my Eagles prevail and shock the world???

What if indeed?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Humor (Quickies)

What's the difference between erotic & kinky?

 Erotic: Using a feather  

Kinky: Using the whole chicken.....

How do u know when a women is having a bad day?
 She has her tampon behind her ear and she can't find her cigarette..

What does a gynocologist and a pizza boy have in common?
They both can smell it but can't eat it.

 What does the receptionist at the sperm bank say to the clients as they are leaving?

Thanks for cumming.

 Who can make more money in a week a prostitute or a drug dealer?

A prostitute because she can wash her crack and resell it..




$3.99 A MINUTE.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! and on that note, Have a Groovy weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marissa Revisited

On July 17th of this year...I wrote a blog post about this young Florida woman who was given an unjust sentence in that state of Florida for firing a warning shot that didn't hit anybody up in the air to disuade an abusive husband to cease and desist...She used the stand your ground defense....The same defense that another Florida citizen, namely George Zimmerman used when he fired a shot that killed Trayvon Martin last year..

It worked for George...He was acquitted...It didn't work for Mrs. Alexander...Wonder why?? Today however I got some heartening news...A new trial has been ordered for Marissa!

A Florida appeals court is ordering a new trial for Mrs. Alexander who was sentenced to 20 years to prison after she fired a warning shot in a wall during a dispute with her husband.

The 1st District Court of Appeal ruled that a judge did not properly instruct the jury handling the case of Marissa Alexander.

But the appeals court also said the judge was right to block Alexander from using the state's "stand your ground" law as a way to defend her actions.  This I can't understand at all.

Marissa Alexander had never been arrested before she fired a bullet at a wall one day in 2010 to scare off her husband when she felt he was threatening her. But the judge at her trial said her conviction on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon carried a mandatory 20-year sentence under state law.

It appears to me that they still don't get it in Florida...Why was she arrested in the first place? No one was harmed...And yet George Zimmerman killed an unarmed man and it took a month before he was arrested?

No...They don't get it...but I hope Mrs. Alexander gets out!

Keith's favorite Quotations

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I didn't know much about Ted Cruz before last week....But now I think I know all I want to know...He's an idiot...An embarrassment to even the few serious Republicans left.

He's what my frat brother, Tyrone calls "The Gift that keeps on Giving."  As I write this he is trying to top Stromm Thurmond's record for having the longest fillibuster in American History...He's holding up the Senate floor talking endlessly against what?
"The affordable care act"  I refuse to call it "Obamacare"..that's their and by their..I mean the Tea Party's name for it.

He's handing the Democrats the 2014 mid term elections...His silliness is making even strategists in his own party want to seperate themselves from him.

As I write this his filibuster had become the fourth-longest in Senate history and was still going just after 9 a.m. this morning, as the Texas Republican continued to hold the chamber floor to highlight the GOP’s effort to defund Obamacare.

He took control of the floor at 2:41 Tuesday afternoon and crossed the 18-hour, 23-minute mark at 9:04 Wednesday morning, officially passing Sen. Robert La Follette Sr.’s filibuster in 1908.

Mr. Cruz is trying to rally both Republicans and Democrats to defy their leaders and vote to block action on a stopgap spending bill, arguing that it was the only way to force Democratic leaders, who control the chamber, to relent and allow a more robust debate on whether to fund the health care law.

As difficult as it is to cross one’s party leaders, I say — with perhaps a little familiarity to the consequences — that it’s survivable, and ultimately it’s liberating,” Mr. Cruz said in the early morning hours of his talk-a-thon.
Over night he read excerpts from both Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham”(Yes you read that right) on the floor, cited approvingly the words of wisdom from actor Ashton Kutcher and hit TV show “Duck Dynasty,” carefully sipped water, and grabbed a quick snack at one point while fellow filibuster leader Sen. Mike Lee asked a 45-minute-long question, giving the Texas Republican a chance to stretch his legs, check messages on his iPhone and confer with his staff.

His filibuster has easily topped that of Sen. Rand Paul, who earlier this year held the floor for nearly 13 hours as he protested President Obama’s drone policy.
As 9 a.m. neared, Mr. Cruz was comparing his fight against the D.C. establishment to the rebel alliance in the “Star Wars” movie series, and even did an impression of Darth Vader, appropriating the villain’s famous line for one of his own colleagues as he intoned: “Mike Lee, I am your father.”
Mr. Lee, a Utah Republican, stayed throughout the night at Mr. Cruz’s side on the Senate floor.

It's this type of silliness that harks back to what I said about the Republican party not being taken seriously enough to govern  and that may make them irrelevant in a few years.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Obamacare Scare

These poor Republicans...They don't have a plan, They don't have an alternative idea...I've been saying this all along...All they have is tired and worn out conspiracy theories about how bad the affordable care act is.
It has to be bad to give health care to people who need and don't have it right?

So the Republicans in congress have voted for what? The 41st time to defund it...Knowing that it won't pass in the Senate and the White House will just veto it... So we are paying them to waste time right?  I hope in 2014 we stop paying them period!

Anyway...the new thing now is the creepy anti Obamacare ads designed to scare the hell out of you...

Here's a tip for marketers: If you're seeking to sway public opinion, transforming a beloved national icon into a creepy pervert probably isn't the best tactic to use.

Unfortunately for one self-described "free-thinking" group, it's created nightmare-inducing commercials that aim to persuade young people to skip signing up for health-care coverage via Obamacare.

While the staff of the group, Generation Opportunity, mostly appears to be in their 20s, it's bankrolled by brothers David and Charles Koch,(who else?) who are both in their 70s and known for their ultra-conservative views....AND SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

In one spot, a leering Uncle Sam pops up between the legs of a young woman seeking an gynecological exam, while in a second ad a young man is accosted by the same Uncle Sam figure, this time snapping on a latex
glove to give him a rectal exam.

The tagline is "Don't let government play doctor." But the commercials are so bad that they may backfire, causing young viewers to shrug them off as the worst kind of fear-mongering.

For liberals, the Koch-bankrolled group has crossed a line by transforming the beloved national icon into something that might warrant a call to a sex-crimes unit, notes Advertising Age.

For me...I'm getting a good laugh!

 "Generation Opportunity's new online ad. . . not only defiles our American mascot but disturbingly compared the ACA to sexual assault," Ilyse Hogue, the president of pro-choice advocacy group NARAL, said in a statement.

Salon called the ads a "new nadir" which reaches "the limits of decency."

To be sure, it's not clear how widely the ads will be seen, given that they're not pegged to run on TV. Currently, the spots are available on YouTube and will soon run on Hulu and Pandora (P), AdAge notes.

And one person's sex offender is another person's humorous icon. Fox News, for one, called them "funny" and "hysterically creepy."

Whether the message persuades young Americans to give up health care coverage remains to be seen. In the meantime, the Koch brothers and their creepy Uncle Sam aren't offering any viable alternatives, They never do...and the Affordable Care Act's health-care exchanges will open for enrollment on Oct. 1.

Ahhhh, the beat goes on!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Back To Rehab!

Well Back to the hospital today...They have my results from the MRI.. They'll determine the course of action today.

It's a coin flip as to surgery or physical rehab..At this point...I just want some relief..
Hopefully, I'll have a full post tomorrow!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday 7-Seven Sexy Surprises A Guy Might Like

I've written relationship posts for the ladies....So I figured I'd write one for the guys.....So ladies if you are reading and I hope you are...(Judging by the lack of comments I've gotten on my last few posts...Maybe you aren't!)  This one is for you!

1. Spend the whole day in bed

Psst,Hey Ladies ...Do yall want to know a secret? We guys love spontaneity just as much as you all say you do. It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it ensures there’s never a dull moment when we are together. If your plan is to catch us off guard and drive us wild, I know just the tricks to try. (Grab those notebooks!) Turn the heat up at home with one of these seven sexy ideas. 
Turn off your Crackberry, your tablet ,your iphone and unplug the clock, it's time to hunker down with your  guy. Skip your to-do-list for the day and make a new one where everything on it can be done in bed. It's fun, it's free, and it sure as hell beats working all day, don't'  it? Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Play hooky already! In the words of Marvin Gaye...Let's get it onnnnnnnnnnnn!

2. Sex Homework-
Ready to instantly spice things up? Call or text me and give me a little "sex homework" to bring home. Ask me to make a list of the 10 places on your body I'd like to kiss you, or my 5 favorite spots to have sex. The anticipation will build as I completes my uh assignment and I will be eager to turn it in and practice what I've  uh, learned. Note...When I say "I"....I'm speaking collectively for all guys...

3.Be my secret admirer or side jawn....

Ladies, You can still remember the smell of those beautiful roses your man sent you on your birthday, but when was the last time you showered him with public displays of affection? Huh?  Surprise him for lunch looking unbelievably hot in that tight , mini dress he loves, or those tight jeans or have a note telling him to "Come home, now!" (and have on some scandalous lingerie ...)delivered to his office by a messenger. Uhhhh huh...That'll work!
4.For Dessert after a good meal.....You!

Now Do I have to say anymore? After you've both enjoyed a delicious meal, it's time for a one-of-a-kind dessert in bed. Hand him a jar of edible chocolate body paint and a brush, and light a candle -- it's on.

5.Let's Take a Bath Together!

 A little fizz, steam and a hot bath can go a long way for your sex drive. Skip the showers in favor of a romantic evening in the tub together for some sensual foreplay before bed....if you know what I mean and I know you do...
6.Get Dressed up and go out on the town on a whim....Someplace different...Remember what I said about spontaneity.???

7.Learn how to maximize your relaxation time..

Either way works....Can you dig me?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Humor

A couple have not been getting along for years, so the husband thinks, "I'll buy my wife a cemetery plot for her birthday." 

Well, you can imagine her disappointment. The next year, her birthday rolls around again and this time he doesn't get her anything. 

She says, "Why didn't you get me a birthday present!?"  

He replies, "You didn't use what I got you last year!"

Have a Groovy weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not Another Shutdown

What is it with these Republicans?  In yet another nod to the influence of the Tea Party and the nut fringe...They are now threatening to shut down the government to defund "Obamacare" as they call it!


The growing clamor around the Beltway in D.C. is that everyone should batten down the hatches and get ready for the inevitable government shutdown. How many is this now? It's an outcome that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)says he has worked hard to avoid, for the sake of his party's reputation.

 But House Speaker ,John Boehner, short on time and tactics, may have no other choice now than to let calamity physics work its will.

For the past week, warnings over the possibility of a shutdown have rung out. Jonathan Chait advised just last week that "a government shutdown is more likely now" because the time in which to actually deal-make around it is quickly elapsing. Not that a deal seemed likely.

As one source, positioned to suss out the state of negotiations, told Jonathan Cohn, "The breakdown is more extensive than you've heard ... There is no discussion going on at all at this point." And why should there be...This is a done deal...It was a done deal two years ago.  Why can't these Republicans get that through their thick skulls and move on?

And Peter Weber cautions, "Brace yourselves," because everyone's incentives seem to align in such a way that makes a shutdown a fait accompli. President Barack Obama thinks the shutdown will add political capital to his coffers. Democrats believe it will improve their position to bargain on the budget.

Tea party Republicans believe the conventional wisdom -- which holds that the GOP's brand loses out in the event of a shutdown -- is wrong, and that they actually have the leverage. The Hill reports that "at least 43 conservatives want the GOP leadership to go for broke" over this.

I have never in my life seen such stupidity in action until now! I have to tell you...It's pretty frightening.

Standing at the center of all of this is of course, House Speaker John Boehner, who has, thus far, attempted to stave off a shutdown on the grounds that it would be bad for the GOP's brand. But he might be all out of options.

His most recent gambit was to try to get the House to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government functioning, with a sidecar resolution attached that would defund Obamacare.

The idea is to give his caucus colleagues another chance to vent their disapproval of Obamacare without imperiling the federal government. At the same time,House Speaker Boehner has extended the notion that there will be time enough for hostage-taking when the debate over the debt ceiling is enjoined. (Of course, there's no indication that Speaker Boehner thinks a debt ceiling row would be any better for the GOP than a shutdown, but if his colleagues accepted this plan, he would at the very least buy some time.)

The real problem, however, is that the more raucous members of his caucus have rejected John Boehner's "continuing resolution with a side of Obamacare defunding," and call this plan a "sell-out." Speaker Boehner is further hamstrung by the fact that his colleagues have turned the "Hastert Rule" -- which holds that the speaker can't bring anything to the floor for a vote without first securing a "majority of the majority" -- into official House GOP dogma.

All of this brought Speaker Boehner to his lowest point last week, when he vented his frustrations at reporters, saying, "Do you have an idea? They'll just shoot it down anyway." So now, as The New Republic's Noam Scheiber posits, John Boehner might just let his colleagues take aim at their own collective foot.

They've been doing that since day one anyway...They've learned nothing from the shallacking they got in the last election....

So in the end there's a good chance that Speaker of the house,Boehner's non- plan will simply further tarnish the GOP's standing, without providing sufficient motivation to push his colleagues in a saner direction.

But as John Boehner himself has asked, "Do you have a better idea?"

And here in lies the problem...They haven't had an idea...good or bad period other than let's just stick to President Obama since he took office...I seriously think that as America becomes Blacker, Browner, younger et al...that more people are going to see this and the republicans are about ten years away from being irrellevant...Which is not good for any democracy...They will have brought it on themselves.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


A few nights ago...A new "Miss America" was crowned...She wasn't blond haired or blue eyed and her name is not easily pronouncable...Right away, some of the most ignorant and hateful rants appeared on Twitter...

Someone had the nerve to say-"If you're Miss should first have to be American."

Oh Really? This is from someone who probably thinks that they are the only true Americans...I got news for you...If you don't live on a reservation and reside mostly in the Western states of the United States...You aren't a quote unquote "real" American either....Now how about that?

Jubilation over the first Indian-American (The country of India, Not native American) crowned Miss America has quickly turned to disappointment for some.

The dark-skinned beauty Nina Davuluri was under attack for her ethnicity.
CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at the controversy.

She’s the 87th Miss America – and the first of Indian descent.Renuka Sharma of the Indo-American Center is among those in Chicago’s Indian community applauding Davuluri’s historic victory.

“Indians are coming up, not just in engineering and being doctors and businessmen, but in beauty,” Sharma says.

At the Indian-American Center in the West Ridge community, Indian immigrants call Davuluri a role model for the young.

But not everyone embraced America’s newest beauty queen. Minutes after Davuluri was crowned,ignorant, racist rants appeared on Twitter. One read: “If you’re Miss America you should have to be American.”That's the one that especially gauls me...

Bill O'Reilly and those FOX News Pundits are always going on about why does African-Americans , Latino-Americans and Asian-Americans hyphenate...Why can't we all be just Americans they say....

I'd love to say I'm just an American....I'd love to never have to talk about race again...But there are some people in this country who won't let me not talk about race.
They bring it up when it suits them and then accuse people like me of playing the race card...They have a nerve...

Ms.Davuluri was born in Syracuse, N.Y., attended the University of Michigan and hopes to be a doctor. You can't be more American than that!

“People need to open their eyes and see more it’s not just white America, there are different colors that we have to accept,” Sharma says. That's right...

Another foolish rant was just as off-base: “Well they just picked a Muslim for Miss America.” She’s not.

Ahmed Rehab is. He’s the executive director of the CAIR, a civil-rights organization that advocates for Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. He proudly boasts that Remi Fakih was America’s first Muslim-American Miss USA in 2010. She too met with criticism.

Well, Indians, Arabs, Latinos and Asians see what we African-Americans have been saying all along...They now know first hand about Racism and racial profiling...They know that we aren't making this up...

We have a Bi-racial President...There are still people who swear that he was born somewhere other than the United States...That he's not an "American"

I wonder what Sitting Bull would have to say about them...He's a true American...Everybody else is an Immigrant....Of course the racist tweeters don't see it that way... They need an education in American history.

My Family has been in this country a lot longer than some of the people who have called me out of my name..Who is more American?

“They’re bringing back this old racist mentality that you’re either like us or we’re going to hate you and criticize you, and that’s just absolutely unacceptable,” said Ahmed Rehab.

In response to the hateful comments, the new Miss America said: “I have to rise above that. I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.” Ms. Davuluri went on to thank the pageant for embracing diversity.

Yes...We all,Black,White, Latino, Asian, Native American and others all have to rise above this senseless hatred....It's not a good look, especially since we want to criticize human rights violations in other countries...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

As American As Apple Pie

I often ask myself....Why is the United States of America such a violent country?  Why is it that I write one of these kinds of story at least twice a year??

Yesterday,A man indentified as Aaron Alexis brandishing an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun (  He really took advantage of his second amendment right to bare arms didn't he?)opened fire Monday inside a building at the Washington Navy Yard — killing at least seven people and wounding at least five more, including two police officers, military officials and other authorities said., before he himself was killed.

SWAT officers swarmed the building, the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command, and a shooter there was killed, sources told NBC News.

The D.C. police chief said  originally that there could be as many as two other shooters at large, one white and one black, both in military-style uniforms. But there was no confirmation of more than one person firing shots. Federal officials said the information appeared to be based on eyewitness reports and surveillance footage.

President Barack Obama called it a “cowardly act.” He said the rampage targeted patriots, military and civilian alike, “men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us.

Terrie Durham, who works at the Naval Sea Systems Command building, said she saw a gunman who appeared to be wearing dark fatigues. Another worker there, Todd Brundidge, said he heard a fire alarm go off, and later saw the gunman come around the corner.

"He turned our way and started firing, and we ran downstairs to get out of the building,” Brundidge said. “No words. He raised the gun and started firing.”
A naval security guard was among those shot and was hit in both legs, U.S. military officials said. Washington city police told WRC, the NBC affiliate in Washington, that one of their officers was also among those shot. It was not clear how many of the others shot were civilian and how many were military.

Patricia Ward, who works at the Navy Yard, said she had just gotten breakfast in the cafeteria when she heard “three gunshots, pow-pow-pow, straight in a row.”
“All of the people that were in the cafeteria, we all panicked, and we were trying to decide which way we were going to run out,” she said. “I just ran.”Smart move!

Tim Hogan, a spokesman for Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada, posted photos to his Twitter account of people tending to at least one person down on a street corner.
Chaos enveloped the surrounding neighborhood for hours. Flights were briefly grounded at Reagan National Airport, and nearby schools and the headquarters of the Department of Transportation were locked down. Farther away, police stepped up security on the Capitol grounds.

Washington police issued lookouts for two people they described as suspects — a 50-year-old black man with a rifle, wearing a drab olive military uniform, and a white man with a pistol, wearing a short-sleeved, khaki uniform and a beret.

Dr. Janis Orlowski, the chief medical officer at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, said that the hospital was treating three gunshot victims — a woman hit in the head and hand, a woman hit in the shoulder and a man hit in the legs.
She said that the victims came in alert and talking.

“They’re talking about gunshots that they heard in rapid succession,” she said.
George Washington University Hospital said it had one patient.

President Obama, speaking at an event marking the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis, turned to the shooting and said: “We are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today it happened on a military installation in our nation’s capital.”

“It’s a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel,” he said. “These are men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. They’re patriots. And they know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn’t have expected here at home.”

One day children...Another day runners in a Marathon...Today, Military and civilian personell...It just never ends...and I'm afraid there is no good answer as to why so much violence occurs in this country on such an annual basis...While you have nations like Canada, Great Britain,France, Sweden, et al where something like this happens once in two decades...Makes you wonder doesn't it?

The Navy said on its Twitter feed that three shots were fired at 8:20 a.m. ET at the Sea Systems Command headquarters. About 3,000 people work there, the Navy said. They were ordered to stay in place. WRC video showed a medical helicopter lifting someone off a roof.

“This is a huge piece of land with several building so it’s going to take some time for us to get through it and search it so we can make sure it’s safe,” Peter Newsham, assistant chief of the Washington police, told reporters.

The last I heard or rather at the time of this writing...The President was still getting regular briefings. As of this writing ,there is no further information on Aaron Alexis and a possible motive for the shootings.

The Naval Sea Systems Command builds, buys and maintains ships and submarines and their combat systems. The Navy Yard is along the Anacostia River in Washington, near the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.

We'll probably know more later on today...or really by the time you read this...But what we won't the question I asked... "Why Is America so violent?"

H.Rap Brown said in 1967-"Violence is as American as Apple pie."  He wasn't wrong.

Monday, September 16, 2013

When Will This Ever End?

The question is...When will this ever end? When will this nonsense ever end?? Another Black man shot to death by an officer who claimed he meant to pull his taser...Another Black man killed because some white person claimed that they were scared to death and that they feared for their life...

An unarmed man who was shot and killed by a police officer in North Carolina after a wreck was a former football player for Florida A&M University, school officials said Sunday.

Jonathan A. Ferrell, 24, played for the school in 2009-10 and had recently moved to North Carolina. Early Saturday, he had apparently been in a wreck and was seeking help at a nearby house early Saturday, according to a statement from Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. A woman answered the door and, when she didn't recognize the man, called 911.

 The Charlotte Observer reported  that the car crash was so severe that Ferrell likely had to “pull himself out” of the wreckage. He then walked to the nearest house, about a half mile away, to seek assistance. But the local resident whose home Ferrell arrived at was frightened that he was attempting to burglarize her after not recognizing him. A Black male never gets the benefit of the doubt and the worst is always thought of him in these instances.  Now I understand why when I was a child and traveled down south with My Uncle Juney and my Aunt Jean why he put his foot through the pedal when traveling through certain states and didn't stop!

Officers responding to the breaking-and-entering call found Ferrell a short distance from the home, police said. As they approached him, Ferrell ran toward the officers and was hit with a Taser. Police said he continued to run toward them when officer Randall Kerrick fired his gun, hitting Ferrell several times. Ferrell died at the scene.

Police called the Ferrell and Kerrick's initial encounter " appropriate and lawful. But in their statement late Saturday, they said "the investigation showed that the subsequent shooting of Mr. Ferrell was excessive" (YA THINK?) and "Kerrick did not have a lawful right to discharge his weapon during this encounter."

Police said Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter, which under North Carolina law involves killing without malice using "excessive force" in exercising "imperfect self-defense." Imperfect self defense??/WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Police were not expected to further describe the incident Sunday, CMPD spokesman Officer Keith Trietley said, and a report was not available Sunday.

Randall Kerrick, 27, of Midland, turned himself in for booking Saturday evening and was released on $50,000 bond, according to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office website. Kerrick joined the police force in April 2011.

FAMU Interim Athletic Director Michael Smith confirmed Sunday that Ferrell played the safety position for the school's football team during the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to his family during their time of bereavement," Smith said in an emailed statement.

A public records search indicated that Ferrell began living in Charlotte early this year after moving from Tallahassee, Fla., home to FAMU.

Before Randll Kerrick was charged, police chief Rodney Monroe describe the accident in a news conference: Jon Ferrell was driving a vehicle that crashed into trees off a northeast Charlotte road early Saturday, and the wreck was so severe he would have had to climb out of the back window to escape. Monroe said he didn't know what caused the crash and didn't say whether Ferrell suffered injuries, The Charlotte Observer reported

Mr.Ferrell apparently walked about a half-mile to the nearest house and was "banging on the door viciously" to attract attention, Monroe said. Thinking it was her husband coming home late from work, the woman who lives there opened the door. When she saw Ferrell, she shut it and called police about 2:30 a.m., Monroe said.

Police Chief Monroe said he didn't think the unarmed Ferrell made threats or tried to rob the woman.

But she was afraid for her life!  You know what? I'm afraid for my life...Remind me to stay out of North Carolina and the State of Florida. I'm the wrong gender and the wrong race.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Four Innocents died on this Sunday, 50 years ago....because of some idiots blind unfathomable hatred...If they had lived , they'd all be in their sixties about now... either retired from their professions or thinking about it..with children and grand-children...Racist hatred kept them from having those loving accomplishments...
We mustn't ever forget and we should live to stamp out this mindless hatred for people who are a different color, who speak a different language..who worship a different way than we do, or who loves somebody that is different from who we choose to love...

Time for a more tolerant world!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend Humor

A married couple was in a terrible accident where the woman's face was severely burned. The doctor told the husband that they couldn't graft the skin from her body, so the husband offered to donate some of his own skin.

 However, the only skin on his body that the doctor found suitable would have to come from his rear end.

The husband and wife agreed that they would tell no one about where the skin came from, and requested that the doctor also honor their secret. After all, this was a very delicate matter.

 After the surgery was completed, everyone was astounded at the woman's new beauty. She looked more beautiful than she ever had before! All her friends and relatives just went on and on about her youthful beauty!

One day, she was alone with her husband, and she was overcome with emotion at his sacrifice. She said, "Dear, I just want to thank you for everyth ing you did for me. There is no way I could ever repay you."

"Babes," he replied," Don't even think about it.. I get all the thanks I need every time I see your mother kiss you on the cheek."

Have a Groovy Weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dr. Bao Goes In

Ahhh the George Zimmerman story just won't die...Just like the pain in my shoulder that ironically began on the night he was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin.
Shiping Bao,(First photo above) a former associate medical examiner in Florida's Volusia County, who testified at George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial in the shooting death of unarmed Trayvon Martin, plans to file a $100 million lawsuit in the case, according to WFTV 9.

He plans to allege that the medical examiner, the state attorney's office and Sanford Police Department were all biased against Trayvon. Bao was fired last week for undisclosed reasons.

 Dr. Shiping Bao's testimony raised eyebrows during the George Zimmerman trial.

"I believe it is my opinion that Trayvon Martin was in a lot of pain, and that he was suffering," Bao said July 5 during testimony in the George Zimmerman trial.

On the stand, Dr. Bao changed his testimony about key statements he'd made and said he'd changed his mind about young Trayvon Martin only being alive for as many as three minutes after the shooting.

"I believe he was alive one to 10 minutes after he was shot. His heart was beating until there was no blood left," Bao said.

Dr. Bao is dropping another bombshell -- his attorney is preparing a $100 million lawsuit....Ouch!

 Through his
high-profile attorney, Dr. Bao claims the medical examiner, state attorney's office, and Sanford Police Department were all biased against Martin. Not hard to believe!

"He says their general attitude was that he got what he deserved," Attorney Willie Gary told Channel 9.

said Dr. Bao was made to be a scapegoat and was wrongfully fired from the medical examiner's
office. He said his client was prepared to offer proof that Martin was not the aggressor. He wouldn't play ball, so he had to go.

"He was in essence told to zip his lips. 'Shut up. Don't say those things,'" Gary said.

Gary said prosecutors never asked
Dr. Bao a question crucial to their case.

"He wanted a question that would have allowed him to explain to the jury with scientific evidence how there was no way Trayvon Martin could have been on top of George Zimmerman," Gary said.

Gary said that question never came. Of course not...

It's clear to me that Sanford ,Florida just put on a Dog and Pony show...They never intended for George Zimmerman to ever go to jail.

Ho hummm, this is all getting so damn old..Go get em Doc!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Possibly, A Way Out!

On this Anniversary of September 11, 2001..I would like to think that maybe the Russians have offered Syria  an alternative that if they agree to it can avert a U.S. air strike and an even larger international incident..

Seems we are always at the brink of some kind of international calamity...

Yesterday ,The Syrian government  appeared poised to accept the Russian proposal for Syria to hand over chemical weapons amid a flurry of diplomatic maneuverings around the world.

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said Damascus was ready to cooperate on the Russian initiative and join a convention that forbids their use.

"I am authorized to confirm our support for the Russian initiative regarding chemical weapons in Syria in compliance with the regime of the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons," Moualem said, referring to an agreement written in 1992 and ratified by 189 countries that bans the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.

"We are ready to inform about the location of chemical weapons, halt the production of chemical weapons and also show these objects to representatives of Russia, other states and the United Nations," the foreign minister added. 

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the proposal to place Syria's chemical weapons stockpile under international control will not succeed unless the United States and its allies reject the use of force against Syria.
    “All this will work only in case we hear that American side and all those who support it will denounce using force,” Putin said in televised remarks.
Putin’s statement came not long after President Barack Obama agreed to discuss the plan – just hours before he was due to address Congress and the American people to make the case for the use of military strikes if diplomatic solutions fail. According to a senior administration official, Obama was changing his speech Tuesday afternoon to reflect the latest diplomatic developments. The president does still believe that a military option has to stay on the table, an official said, in response to Putin's suggestion. 

A Tuesday afternoon emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council was put on hold after Russia -- who had requested it originally -- withdrew its request, U.S. officials said.

Meanwhile, France, Britain and the United States were still meeting privately to discuss the elements of a new resolution for the U.N. Security Council to incorporate Russia's proposal.

Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to further discuss Russia's proposal.
While, in Syria, rebels and activists believe that the proposal to hand over chemical weapons is merely a ploy. Those who oppose the regime told NBC News that President Bashar Assad is getting away with murder -- getting away with using chemical weapons that killed hundreds of civilians.
"There is anger and disappointment on the streets now. We have been facing death and under fire for the last two and a half years while the world has been silent," an opposition activist in Damascus said. "Even after the use of chemical weapons, no one acted. We only have God to help us."

"I think Bashar Assad won this battle," said a Free Syrian Army commander, adding that the United States doesn't seem to care about Syria's losses. "There will be more victims and more destruction."
The growing momentum behind Russia's plan, which had already been endorsed by China and Iran, came only 24 hours after Kerry raised a weapons handover at a news conference in London.

President Obama said Monday that the Russia plan offered a potential path that averted U.S. military strikes, but John Kerry cautioned that the only reason the Russia solution has "potential legs at all" is because of a credible threat of force. He does appear to have a point...

"Nothing focuses the mind like the prospect of a hanging," Kerry told a congressional committee yesterday. He said President Obama would look at the plan but added: "We’re waiting for that proposal, but we’re not waiting for long.” 

Secretary Kerry said it had been the “credible use of force” by the U.S. that has “for the first time brought this regime to even acknowledge that they have a chemical weapons arsenal,” adding that the threat of military action “is more compelling if the Congress stands with the commander in chief.” But our congress being the way it is..Probably won't. Again...I'm not proposing war..I'm just saying.

U.S. officials said Secretary Kerry also expressed concern that it would be hard to verify whether Syria had complied with any such plan, or to know if the regime had still kept some of its chemical weapons stockpiles. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel echoed that line to the committee, saying the Russia deal "could be a real solution to this crisis," but added: "We must be clear-eyed and ensure it is not a stalling tactic by Syria and its Russian patrons." Senior senators - including John McCain, R-Ariz., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. - announced they were working on a new plan that would authorize the president to use force only if Syria did not comply with a U.N. resolution to remove chemical weapons by a pre-determined deadline.

Why does this sound like 2004 all over again???

Even as they discussed their move, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell announced his opposition to military strikes against Syria. And Sen. Edward Markey, D-Mass., a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and Kerry's successor in the Senate, said he would not support the use of force resolution passed by the committee, calling it too broad. Amazing isn't it? The only time you can get these two parties to agree on anything...

The president traveled to Capitol Hill shortly after noon Tuesday to meet with the Senate Democratic Caucus and Senate Republican Conference before delivering an address to the nation from the East Room of the White House at 9:01 p.m. ET.

The White House has been battling to shore up support in Congress for a strike, which is unpopular among Americans. Unpopular among Americans?? Since when has this Congress cared about what was popular amongst Americans??  Give me a break!!

The Senate delayed an authorization vote after the Russian proposal became public, but on Tuesday Kerry said that "nothing has changed" on the administration request for congressional action.

In a further development, a spokesman for Putin said the Russian president had discussed the weapons handover plan with Obama at last week’s G-20 summit, and a senior administration official told NBC News that the two had discussed the concept a year ago. The official said, however, that it wasn't until the chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21 killed hundreds of people that the Russians showed a willingness to put together a serious proposal.

That shed a different light on Kerry’s mention of the plan at a news conference in London on Monday. That had previously been characterized by spokesman Jen Psaki as an off-the-cuff “rhetorical argument.”
President Obama's case for limited airstrikes targeting Assad's regime was boosted early Tuesday when a Human Rights Watch report blamed Syrian government forces for the Aug. 21 attack.

 The U.S.-based rights group said it had reached its conclusion after analyzing witness accounts, remnants of the weapons used and medical records of victims.

Human Rights Watch said it did not believe the attack could have been carried out by rebels or other “terrorists” as a smokescreen, as suggested by Assad. "Human Rights Watch and arms experts monitoring the use of weaponry in Syria have not documented Syrian opposition forces to be in possession of the 140mm and 330mm rockets used in the attack, or their associated launchers," the report added .

Adding to international concern, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu agency reported that Syrian jets bombed the border town of Tel Abyad on Monday, prompting yet more Syrians to seek refuge in Turkey. Thousands had already flooded across the border, leaving authorities struggling to cope.

So here we are...Will there be war or peace??? Again I ask...Why does this sound like 2004 all over again???

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why Can't George Stay out of Trouble (and out of the news?)

Why Can't George Zimmerman stay out of trouble and out of the news?....That is the question..I mean he has had more than his 15 minutes of fame....

My wife said that it's only a matter of time before he does something else... His activities seems to be escalating... Traffic stops in Texas and Florida, a fake highway rescue and now this...

Florida police are investigating a dispute between George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie, who called cops and said he had his hand on his gun, an official said.

Lake Mary Police public information officer Zach Hudson said police were at the home, investigating a "possible domestic battery." George Zimmerman was being detained but had not been arrested, Hudson said.

Police received a call at 2:10 p.m. from Shellie Zimmerman, who filed for divorce last week — little more than a month after he was acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

She said her husband of five years was in an argument with her and her father and had his hand on his gun, Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell told NBC News.

No other details were available. Attempts to reach George Zimmerman's lawyer were not immediately successful.

Shellie Zimmerman told ABC News last week her husband was "selfish" and has been making "reckless decisions." That's an understatement..

"In my opinion, he feels more invincible" since his acquittal, she said.

After a trial that transfixed the nation, a jury found George Zimmerman, 29, not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin, 17. He argued that he shot Trayvon  Martin, who did not have a gun, in self-defense after being attacked.

What would his argument be for this...That his life was in danger because it was two of them against him?

At any rate.. Lets see if Sean Hannity and his "Band Of Merry, Obama haters' send him a couple million dollars again for his defense.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Syria and Consistancy!

In 2001 after 911, there was a lot of hysteria and nationalism in this country and a big push for war...President George W. Bush was making a case for war with Iraq...I was dead set against it...I kept screaming.."What about getting Osama Bin Laden?? I thought that that was why we were in Afghanistan...What has Iraq got to do with this...

Before my eyes I began to see how stupid and gullible the American people truly are...We were carted one lie after another...That there was a link between Bin Laden's Al queda and Saddam Hussein...When by simply reading anything written about Saddam ,it would have been clear that nothing was further from the truth...

Al Queda was made up of Islamic fundamentalist...While Saddam was not known to be religious at all...His government was actually a bit of bastardized socialism...with just a twinge of Islamic religion tossed in...He was diametrically opposed to Bin Laden and Al Queda...

The claim was made that Iraq was stock piling weapons of mass destruction....Which by the way still have not been found...Not one...I found this incredible since we had the country surrounded at the time and was restricting everything that came and went...

Yet, somehow, the American people gave Mr. Bush a blank check and without asking the Congress a damn thing...We marched into a long costly war without provocation of a nation that hadn't committed one act of aggression against us....

To make matters worse...We entered into a long costly war with a nation we are still fighting in ,supposedly to root out Osama Bin Laden...Who was across the border in another nation, chilling in a mansion and laughing his ass off at the U.S.

We didn't learn from the Russians who also stayed in Afghanistan so long that their economy collapsed...Just like ours has.


A little known Jr. Senator from Illinois was one of the few brave voices who spoke out vehemently against both of those wars...

That senator's name was Barrack Obama....I remember him...It was the first time I'd ever heard of him..

So who knew that in ten years he would be President of the United States?

Who knew that like Bush, he'd be beating the drums for yet another Middle Eastern military action??

I try to be consistant if nothing else...I was against the war in Iraq....It made no sense...I was against going into Afghanistan for anything other than to find Bin Laden, to get him and bring him and his cronies to justice.

And I'm against Air strikes in Syria... I agree that Assad is a mad man and that he needs to be knocked out of power...but why does the United States have to be the ones to do it?

If we want to get rid of tyrants...There are plenty...Those guys in West Africa...In the Sudan, That fat little guy in North Korea...Just to name a few...

Sometimes these things actually work themselves out and the people in these regions overthrow these guys...

We don't have the money to be entering another middle east conflict...Save Newark, Save Detroit, Save Chicago, Save New Orleans and Save Philadelphia...Then let's worry about Syria and some other country...

That's just my opinion!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keith's Music Spotlight

Nothing Like a Throwback jam... This Stevie Wonder classic came out in the summer of 1970. There was a girl about my age who was the niece of one of my neighbors who was spending her summer vacation in Philly. She was from California...I can't even remember her name now..But I remember her perfect ,flawless honey brown skin, her near perfect smile and her ponytail..She was a cutey... She came in the middle of June and didn't leave until the middle of August...That was mu summer love that year...Everyday she'd come to my grand mother's house and ask if I could come out to play...I don't know that kids do that anymore... We'd go exploring every nook and cranny of West Philadelphia...She being from the West Coast was fascinated with everything Philly...Stuff I took for granted.

I was fascinated with her!  I was 12...I was just coming into puberty....Girls were just starting to become round and fascinating and wonderful to me...Wasn't quite thinking about sex then...This was 1970..but just happy to hold someone's hand, to share a smile...a stolen glance...

It seemed like this song was playing everywhere that summer....In the radios of people's car...In the bars...and on people's transistor radios....Wow ,I really am dating myself...

Always nice to hear a song that has a pleasent memory attached to it.


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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