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Yes, I Believe Them

Every single one of these people testified under oath. One of them testified twice. 

These people with the exception of one are all career ambassadors and State Officials. They don’t make a lot of money, (Well one does. But that’s because he was already rich and donated $1 million dollars to the Trump Campaign — He’s also the only one who testified twice, was hand picked by Trump and had the second most damaging testimony ) 

Moving on... These people have served more than one president of both parties. One has a Purple Heart and testified with shrapnel still in his body. 

Another was once taking a test, had her pigtails put on fire by a classmate, put out the fire with her hands, continued the test and got an “A”. 

These people put their lives and career on the line. (Yes, some of them have even had death threats.) — They are paying for their legal counsel themselves. This is what patriots do. They put country first, before party, and before Presidents. -Maxwell Glenn

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Trump's Rogue's Gallery

Well will you look at this...Yesterday, Roger Stone became the sixth person under the Mueller Probe to be coinvicted….Still think there was no collusion, Still think this President did NOTHING wrong eh?

Topline: A federal jury on Friday found Roger Stone guilty of lying to Congress and witness tampering in relation to his work on President Trump’s 2016 campaign, which means the longtime Republican operative joins the roster of former Trump associates who ran afoul of the law as a result of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer, was sentenced in December 2018 to three years of prison for lying to Congress, campaign finance violations and tax evasion, and separately received an additional two months of prison time for lying to Congress about a Moscow Trump Tower deal.

 George Papadopoulos, a former Trump foreign policy advisor, was sentenced in September 2018 to 14 days in prison (with a year of supervised release) after pleading guilty to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian intermediaries during the 2016 campaign; he filed in October to run for Katie Hill’s vacant California Congressional seat.

 Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, was found guilty by a Virginia court of tax and bank fraud in August 2018, and in November 2018 voided his plea deal (by lying to investigators) in separate federal charges brought by Mueller; he’s currently serving a combined seven and a half years in prison from both cases.

Rick Gates, a former deputy to Manafort during the Trump campaign, pleaded guilty in February 2018 to charges of conspiracy against the United States and making false statements; despite a plea bargain, he faces between four to six years in prison, but his sentencing date has yet to happen⁠—partially because he testified against Stone.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor, pleaded guilty in December 2017 to lying to the FBI but nearly two years later has yet to be sentenced; his sentencing has been scheduled for early December, but could be upended by a new claim of innocence filed in federal court. What to watch for: Stone’s February 6 sentencing date.

He could face a maximum penalty of 50 years in prison, based on his charges. But the Washington Post reported that Stone, as a first-time offender, will likely serve less time according to federal sentencing guidelines.

President Trump, who has long claimed the Russia investigation was a “hoax” and a “witch hunt.” He tweeted shortly after Stone’s sentencing asking if Hillary Clinton and James Comey were liars⁠—along with a list of former and current federal officials he’s also attacked⁠—and suggested a “double standard” was to blame.

This from his twitter feed yesterday...

"So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. Well, what about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself? Didn’t they lie?. "

He is worse than a child...''What about them?, they did it too?

Here is an interesting and surprising fact...Roger Stone was the last person indicted by Robert Mueller as part of the Russia investigation.

Mr. Stone, you'll remember  was arrested in a pre-dawn FBI raid at his Florida home on January 24. It looked like a TV show raid..

 34. THIRTY FOUR!   Think about that number..That’s how many people Robert Mueller's investigation  ended up convicting or indicting.

Think about this now, Roger Stone worked for Donald Trump’s campaign as an adviser. He officially left the campaign in 2015 but remained a consultant through its conclusion.

Roger Stone was accused of working to obtain emails that were hacked by Russia from a Democratic National Committee (DNC) server and released through Wikileaks. According to prosecutors, Roger Stone contacted Trump just hours after the DNC said it was hacked by Russia.

Roger Stone’s political career began with a stint working for Richard Nixon of all people, and he sports a tattoo of the late president on his back....That ought to go well in Prison.!

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Save Daca

Before this clown in the White House became President, Do you remember us questioning our citizenship the way we do now?  I don't either.

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Some Gave All.....

And they stole from a Vet's Charity, to buy a life size picture of the Chump.

You just can't make this shit up ! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICANS "!!!

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They Booed

The President attended the World Series game recently.... He didn't like the results....There were no adoring crowds with MAGA HATS or people paid to wear them and carry signs to strategically make him look and feel popular... No. These were real people and they responded the way real people respond to him ..

They Booed!

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Paying Taxes

When You Think About it...These are very good questions!

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Weekend Humor

Everybody have a great weekend!

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Enough To Make Him Cry Again

If you are of a certain age, you remember a commercial about littering where a Native American man sees how we are littering his land and he sheds a tear...

Recently something occurred concerning Native American voting rights that would make that same Native American cry again..

This is disgraceful. "Since the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t provide residential mail delivery in remote areas, many members of North Dakota’s Native American tribes list their mailing addresses, like P.O. boxes, on their IDs." 

Politifact has taken issue with the generalization that Native Americans "were the last to get the right to vote", writing that, "That’s partially accurate, but the timeline of American voting rights is far less cut-and-dried than that statement might suggest. Native Americans in Utah were the last ethnic group to be recognized by both state and federal law as citizens with voting rights. But it wasn’t until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that federal law more thoroughly addressed issues of voter discrimination for all people, giving underrepresented voters of many ethnicities the actual right and means to vote."

Politifact also adds that Native American residents without a PO Box in North Dakota CAN vote if they take additional steps before election day, however onerous. They write, "North Dakota’s law does pose obstacles for many tribal citizens who don’t have street addresses. However, through the work of voter rights advocates and officials with the Secretary of State’s office, there are ways that Native American voters who have PO boxes instead of residential street addresses will be able to vote. The law does not mean they are losing their right to vote altogether." 

This may be true...But it makes me wonder why it's always African-Americans, Latinos , Native Americans, Recent U.S. Citizens et al who always have to fight for their right as an American Citizen to vote, who are always having their ballots dropped from voter rolls...What are certain people afraid of?

For all of you people who claim your vote doesn't matter....Ponder this...If it doesn't, why are so many people trying to restrict it or just plain take it away??

Vote while you still can!

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Here We Go Yet Again

Here We Go Yet Again! Another Black person shot to death in their home by a policeman...It was driving while Black...Now it's being in your home while Black!

A black woman was fatally shot in her home Saturday after a Fort Worth, Texas police officer fired into a bedroom window while performing a welfare check at her residence, sparking outrage and calls for police accountability in a community whose trust in law enforcement had already been shaken by other police shootings and the death of Botham Jean in nearby Dallas.

At around 2 am local time on October 12, a neighbor of 28-year-old Atatiana Koquice Jefferson called a non-emergency hotline, saying that he was concerned about an open door at the woman’s residence and wanted to make sure she was okay.

According to a statement released by the Fort Worth Police Department, officers arrived at the home at around 2:25 am, and after seeing the open door, walked around the perimeter of the residence. The department said that while doing so, officers saw a person inside standing near a window. “Perceiving a threat the officer drew his duty weapon and fired one shot striking the person inside the residence,” police said.

That person was Jefferson, who was shot while standing in a bedroom. After firing, officers entered the home and began providing emergency aid, but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The department released body camera footage of the shooting on Saturday, showing what happened outside of Jefferson’s home, as well as the residence itself, which had a door open and the lights on inside.

The video shows two officers walking around the outside of Jefferson’s home, looking into screen doors before walking into the backyard. Moving towards a closed window on the first floor, one of the officers quickly points a flashlight at it before drawing his weapon. He then yells, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” before firing a shot less than a second later.

At no point in the released video do the men clearly identify themselves as police officers.

In addition to the statement and the body camera video, the police department also released edited footage of a firearm officers said they found at the residence, but did not offer any additional information about where Jefferson was in relation to it or if the weapon was ever visible to the officers.

Texas is an open carry state, and state residents are allowed to possess and carry firearms with few exceptions.

The officer who shot Jefferson was not named by the police statement. The agency did say that he is a “white male who has been with the department since April of 2018.”

The unnamed officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Body camera footage and the results of the investigation will be handed over to the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, which will decide if the officer will face any charges.

The shooting has left Fort-Worth’s black residents devastated at Ms. Jefferson’s shooting, which is the seventh local police shooting involving a civilian since June 1 according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,

This shooting has left the area’s black residents angered and confused. Community members say that the shooting proves that they cannot call the police for assistance. “The Fort Worth police murdered this woman. They murdered this woman in her own house,” said Rev. Michael Bell, a local pastor who joined a group of community leaders for a Saturday press conference. “And now, African Americans, we have no recourse. If we call the police, they will come and kill us. And we know that.”

A similar fear was echoed by James Smith, the neighbor of Jefferson’s who called police after noticing the open door and lights at her home, saying that he was concerned about Jefferson and her 8-year old nephew, who also lived at the residence. “I’m shaken. I’m mad. I’m upset. And I feel it’s partly my fault,” he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Saturday. “If I had never dialed the police department, she’d still be alive.” “I don’t know what went on in the house, but I know that she wasn’t a threat,” he added

Another African-American...Another UNARMED African-American shot to death in their home by a frightened white police officer.. I swear, I've never seen so many scared people WITH GUNS, in my life...If you're so scared..If you're that scared..Why did you you join the fuckin police force in the first place??

It angers me...I know what's going to happen ...They are going to use the fact that they found a firearm in the house to say the police officer had a "reasonable threat." and therefore was justified in the shooting..

I don't want to hear another white person say that Colin Kaepernick was kneeling and insulting our military and the flag..NO! HE WAS KNEELING AND PROTESTING THIS...and those who don't understand that...DON'T WANT TO!

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