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The Truth About Sexual Impropriety

Just Let This Marinate For A Few Seconds!

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Meanwhile In Libya

Where is the International Outrage about this?

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Weekend Humor

A guy is walking down the street with some chicken wire under his arm.

 His neighbor sees him and asks what he has. The guy replies, "Its chicken wire and I'm going to catch some chickens." 

His neighbor says, "You fool, you can't catch chickens with chicken wire." 

Later that night, he sees the guy walking down the street dragging 12 chickens. The next day he sees him walking down the street with some duct tape under his arm. Once again he asks what the guy is up to.

 The guy says he has some duct tape and he is going to catch some ducks. He replies, "You fool, you can't catch ducks with duct tape." 

Sure enough later that night, he sees the guy walking down the street dragging 12 ducks behind him. 

The next day, he sees the guy walking with something else under his arm. He asks what it is. 

The guy replies, "Its pussy willow." 

He says, "Hold on, let me get my hat."


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Weekend Humor

A bachelor who for companionship, had a beloved cat for over 10 years, plans a vacation to Paris and entrusts the cat with his brother.

As soon as he arrives in Paris he calls his brother and asks how his cat is doing without him. "Oh, the cat? He's dead." said the brother bluntly.

"I can't believe this!" yells the bachelor. "How could you tell me he's dead like that?"

 "How else was I supposed to tell you?" the brother asked.

"Well you could have broke it to me gently." the brother went on. 

"When I called today you could have said he is up on the roof but the fire department is getting him down. Then tomorrow when I called you could have said that he fell while they were trying to rescue him and broke his back but, don't worry, the best vet in town was doing the surgery to repair it. And then when I called the third day you could have said they did all they could do but they couldn't save him." 

 The brother thought about this and says, "That does sound better than the way I said it." 

 "Never mind," says the bachelor exasperated, "How's mother?" 

The brother says "She's on the roof but the fire department is getting her down."


Thursday, November 16, 2017

I Don't Recall

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a liar who has perjured himself by magically claiming to have forgotten all Trump campaign contacts with Russia, PERIOD.

I remember being asked why I did something once.
Since I knew that regardless what I said I was screwed anyway, I remarked. "It seemed like a good idea at the time." In retrospect I should have said "I don't recall" Might have faired better.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Death In Northern California

Yesterday, a gunman shot multiple places in Northern California... Yes..This is happening again...We are still reeling from Vegas and The Texas Church Shootings...and now here we have another mass shooting..

At least five people are dead following shootings at multiple locations in Tehama County, including an elementary school where at least two children were wounded.

Authorities described a chaotic scene in which a gunman appeared to pick targets at random in the rural Northern California county. They said the shootings appear to have begun as a “domestic violence incident” but did not provide details.

The gunman was fatally shot by sheriff’s deputies. His name has not been released at the time of this writing.. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office said it was dealing with at least five crime scenes and was trying to assess the number of casualties.

Authorities said the gunfire began around 8 a.m. in Rancho Tehama, near Red Bluff, about 120 miles northwest of Sacramento.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston did not have a total number of victims, but said that “a number” of students had been medically evacuated from the school grounds. A semi-automatic rifle and two handguns that the gunman carried were recovered at one scene, he said.
“We have about 100 law enforcement personnel in Rancho Tehama right now, with multiple, multiple scenes,” Johnston said.

“I know that we have [airlifted] a number of students,” he told reporters. “I know that we have children that were attending school in a safe location at this time.”

Nearby residents and business owners said they heard at least 100 gunshots.

“I thought this only happens to places like L.A. or New York,” Jose Garcia, owner of La Fortune Convenience, told the Los Angeles Times.


Coy Ferreira, a parent at the school, told KRCR-TV that he heard a series of gunshots through a classroom window and saw one young boy shot in the foot and chest and a second student shot in the arm. Both were alert and conscious, he said.

The owner of a nearby cafe, Coffee Addiction, told The Times that she called 911 after hearing gunfire and screaming at the elementary school.

The woman, who identified herself only as Tiffany, said she heard about 100 rounds fired from what sounded like multiple guns.

The business owner said she and her husband and their four children moved to the area from Redding about seven years ago. She said that they have always felt safe.
“It’s a great community,” she said. “I am hoping it doesn’t get some kind of bad rap because of one person in one area.”

Rancho Tehama has a population of about 1,485, according to a census estimate.

The school and surrounding community were on lockdown.

“We have had an active shooter incident at Rancho Tehama Elementary this morning,” read a statement from the Corning Union Elementary School District website. “There are confirmed injuries. We are cooperating with law enforcement during this investigation but do not have specific details at this time.”

This type of thing is happening so much , so often that I am numb to it..We are numb to it....We've got to do better than that....We really do!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Enough Already!!!

Lesser Of Two Evils?

If You are a regular reader of this Blog, You KNOW..I detest President Donald Trump...You KNOW I'd like nothing better than him to be resign or to be indicted for some high crime...None of which I have any real hope of happening...But say one of those scenarios did happen?

The question is...Would we be any better off with Vice President Pence as the President...Is he really the lesser of two evils or is he just evil??

Well.. Vice President Mike Pence, who has dutifully stood by the President, mustering a devotional gaze rarely seen since the days of Nancy Reagan, serves as a daily reminder that the Constitution offers an alternative to Trump. The worse the President looks, the more desirable his understudy seems. The more Trump is mired in scandal, the more likely Pence’s elevation to the Oval Office becomes, unless he ends up legally entangled as well.

Vice President Pence’s odds of becoming President are long but not prohibitive. Of his forty-seven predecessors, nine eventually assumed the Presidency, because of a death or a resignation. After Lyndon Johnson decided to join the ticket with John F. Kennedy, he calculated his odds of ascension to be approximately one in four, and is said to have told Clare Boothe Luce, “I’m a gambling man, darling, and this is the only chance I’ve got.” 

If the job is a gamble for Mke Pence, he himself is something of a gamble for the country. During the tumultuous 2016 Presidential campaign, relatively little attention was paid to how Pence was chosen, or to his political record. And, with all the infighting in the new Administration, few have focussed on Pence’s power within the White House.

 Newt Gingrich said recently that the three people with the most policy influence in the Administration are Donald Trump, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Mike  Pence. Newt  Gingrich went on, “Others have some influence, such as Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn. But look at the schedule. Pence has lunches with the President. He’s in the national-security briefings.”  

Moreover, and crucially,Mike  Pence is the only official in the White House who can’t be fired.

Mike Pence,, is also one of the few with whom Donald Trump hasn’t overtly feuded. “The President considers him one of his best decisions,” Tony Fabrizio, a pollster for Trump, told me. Even so, they are almost comically mismatched. “You end up with an odd pair of throwbacks from fifties casting,” the former White House strategist Stephen Bannon joked, comparing them to Dean Martin, the bad boy of the Rat Pack, and “Ward Cleaver, the dad on ‘Leave It to Beaver.’ ”

Trump and Pence are misaligned politically, too. Trump campaigned as an unorthodox outsider, but Pence is a doctrinaire ideologue. Kellyanne Conway, the White House counsellor, who became a pollster for Pence in 2009, describes him as “a full-spectrum conservative” on social, moral, economic, and defense issues. Pence leans so far to the right that he has occasionally echoed A.C.L.U. arguments against government overreach; he has, for instance, supported a federal shield law that would protect journalists from having to identify whistle-blowers. According to Bannon, Pence is “the outreach guy, the connective tissue” between the Trump Administration and the most conservative wing of the Republican establishment. “Trump’s got the populist nationalists,” Bannon said. “But Pence is the base. Without Pence, you don’t win.”

Vice President Pence has taken care to appear extraordinarily loyal to Trump, so much so that Joel K. Goldstein, a historian and an expert on Vice-Presidents who teaches law at St. Louis University, refers to him as the “Sycophant-in-Chief.”

But Pence has the political experience, the connections, the discipline, and the ideological mooring that Trump lacks. He also has a close relationship with the conservative billionaire donors who have captured the Republican Party’s agenda in recent years.


During the 2016 campaign, Trump characterized the Republican Party’s big spenders as “highly sophisticated killers” whose donations allowed them to control politicians.

When he declared his candidacy, he claimed that, because of his real-estate fortune, he did not need support from “rich donors,” and he denounced super pacs, their depositories of unlimited campaign contributions, as “corrupt.”

 Mike Pence’s political career, though, has been sponsored at almost every turn by the donors whom Trump has assailed. Mike Pence is the inside man of the conservative money machine.

On Election Night, the dissonance between Trump’s populist supporters and Pence’s billionaire sponsors was quietly evident. When Trump gave his acceptance speech, in the ballroom of the Hilton Hotel in midtown Manhattan, he vowed to serve “the forgotten men and women of our country,” and promised to “rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, and hospitals.” 

Upstairs, in a room reserved for Party √©lites, several of the richest and most conservative donors, all of whom support drastic reductions in government spending, were celebrating. Doug Deason, a Texas businessman and a political donor, recalled, “It was amazing. In the V.I.P. reception area, there was an even more V.I.P. room, and I counted at least eight or nine billionaires.”

Deason’s father, Darwin, founded a data-processing company, Affiliated Computer Services, and in 2010 he sold it to Xerox for $6.4 billion. A.C.S. was notorious for outsourcing U.S. office work to cheaper foreign-labor markets. Trump campaigned against outsourcing, but the Deasons became Trump backers nonetheless, donating a million dollars to his campaign. Doug Deason was enlisted, in part, by Pence, whom he had known and supported for years. “Mike and I are pretty good friends,” Deason said, adding, “He’s really the contact to the big donors.” Since the election, Deason has attended two dinners for wealthy backers at the Vice-Presidential residence.

 Among the billionaires who gathered in the room at the Hilton, Deason recalled, were the financier Wilbur Ross, whom Trump later appointed his Secretary of Commerce; the corporate investor Carl Icahn, who became a top adviser to Trump but resigned eight months later, when allegations of financial impropriety were published by The New Yorker; Harold Hamm, the founder and chairman of Continental Resources, an Oklahoma-based oil-and-gas company that has made billions of dollars through fracking; and David Koch, the richest resident of New York City.

Koch’s presence was especially unexpected. He and his brother Charles are libertarians who object to most government spending, including investments in infrastructure. They co-own virtually all of Koch Industries, the second-largest private company in the United States, and have long tapped their combined fortune—currently ninety billion dollars—to finance candidates, think tanks, pressure groups, and political operatives who support an anti-tax and anti-regulatory agenda, which dovetails with their financial interests.

During the campaign, Trump said that Republican rivals who attended secretive donor summits sponsored by the Kochs were “puppets.” The Kochs, along with several hundred allied donors, had amassed nearly nine hundred million dollars to spend on the Presidential election, but declined to support Trump’s candidacy. At one point, Charles Koch described the choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton as one between “cancer or heart attack.”

Marc Short, the head of legislative affairs in the Trump White House, credits Pence for the Kochs’ rapprochement with Trump. “The Kochs were very excited about the Vice-Presidential pick,” Short told me. “There are areas where they differ from the Administration, but now there are many areas they’re partnering with us on.” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, who has accused the Kochs of buying undue influence, particularly on environmental policy—Koch Industries has a long history of pollution—is less enthusiastic about their alliance with Pence. “If Pence were to become President for any reason, the government would be run by the Koch brothers—period. He’s been their tool for years,” he said. Bannon is equally alarmed at the prospect of a Pence Presidency. He said recently, 

“I’m concerned he’d be a President that the Kochs would own.”

This would be disastorous...Not much better and possibly worse than what we have now!

The solution is a complete overhaul.. Get Trump ,Pence and everybody associated with them out of Washington...

Bring in Democrats, Progressives and Liberals...Take back this country from the right wing lunatic fringe...and that includes...Mike Pence!

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Weekend Humor

This old man in his eighties got up and was putting on his coat.

His wife said, "Where are you going?"
He said, "I'm going to the doctor." 

And she said, "Why? Are you sick?" 

"No," he said. "I'm going to get me some of those new Viagra pills. Heh ,heh, heh." 

So his wife got up out of her rocker and was putting on her sweater and he said, "Where are you going?" 

She said, "I'm going to the doctor too." 

He said, "Why?" 

She said, "If you're going to start using that rusty old thing again, I'm going to get a tetanus shot."

Everybody have a sexilicious weekend!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

About Last Night

This is what happens when people actually go out and vote!   What say you now Mr. President?
Oh yeah! Fox News was suspiciously silent about the results!

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

What I've Learned

1. Make Sure, you're not the only one who cares.

2. Life can sometimes be a game of futility!

3.You Really shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

4.Most of the time when you’re around the opposite sex, you kinda have to put on a show and not completely be yourself.

5.Remember that people will always question the good things they hear about you, and believe the bad ones without a second thought.

6.Not everyone is meant to be in your future. Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life.

7. Infatuation is when you find somebody who is absolutely perfect. Love is when you realize that they aren’t and it doesn’t matter.

8.Not everything will go as you expect in your life. This is why you need to drop expectations and go with the flow of life.

9. I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.

10. Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Weekend Humor

A married couple is remodeling their home and getting new doors so the husband asks his wife to go get hinges.

She goes to the hardware store, picks out the hinges, and pays for them.

As she is leaving the clerk realizes that she didn't get a screw for the hinge and says "Hey! Do you want a screw for that hinge?"

She looks at him and says "No I got it, but I'll blow you for that coffee maker."

Everybody have a sexilicious weekend!

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"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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