Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekend Humor

In class one day, Mr. Johnson pulled  Little Johnny over to his desk after a test, and said, "Johnny I have a feeling that you have been cheating on your tests."

 Little Johnny was astounded and asked Mr. Johnson to prove it. "Well, said Mr. Johnson, I was looking over your test and the question was, Who was our first president?, and the little girl that sits next to you, Mary, put George Washington, and so did you."

"So, everyone knows that he was the first president." said Little Johnny.

"Well, just wait a minute". said Mr. Johnson. "The next question was, Who freed the slaves?Mary put Abraham Lincoln and so did you. " he said.

:"Well, I read the history book last night and I remembered that" said  Little Johnny.

"Wait, wait." said Mr. Johnson. "The next question was, Who was president during the Louisiana Purchase? Mary put I don't know, and you put ..Me neither." he said.

Everybody have a great weekend!

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Round One Goes To Hillary

I had it tied...but a CNN Poll gave Hillary Clinton a whopping 67- 23 point win...according to a poll of debate watchers....

All Trump did was use the same talking points he's been using since day one...I didn't hear anything different or anything that sounded like policy or a plan from Trump....I have love for Lester Holt..but he lost complete control of this debate....Not all his fault...Donald tends to talk over people and refuses to be quiet ,even when someone else has the floor...These are the same bullying tactics ,he used during the primary!

 Frankly,his debate made my head hurt...I kept asking myself...Did Donald Trump ever answer a question directly?

No.. he didn't..Just like in the Republican primaries.....And Lester Holt allowed him to be boorish and rude and overtalk his opponent ,just like he was allowed to do in the primaries...

He interrupted Hillary at least 22 times in 26 minutes...He is incredible...

It's not uncommon for presidential candidates to resort to bickering at some point during a debate, but Trump came under scrutiny on social media for his repeated interruptions of Clinton in the first third of the segment.

The worst of it came after the first 15 minutes of the debate, when Trump started asking Clinton the questions.

"Hillary, I'd just ask you this," he said. "You've been doing this for 30 years. Why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? For 30 years, you've been doing it, and now you're just starting to think of solutions."

Clinton says, "Well, actually..."

But Trump wasn't done He wanted to answer his own question- "I will bring -- excuse me. I will bring back jobs. You can't bring back jobs."

She didn't get the memo that it must have been a rhetorical question.

"Well, actually, I have thought about this quite a bit."

Yeah, for 30 years," he retorts. And the interruptions only became more frequent from there.

He mentioned Mexico about six times and China about twelve times....I was just shaking my head...

The GOP nominee named Mexico and China repeatedly in the first 10 minutes as two countries where American companies were moving, costing Americans jobs in manufacturing, technology and more.
Debate moderator Lester Holt's first question was why each candidate felt better equipped to create jobs that will bring Americans more money, to which Trump responded: "Our jobs are fleeing the country. They're going to Mexico they’re going to many other countries. You look at what China is doing to our country in terms of making our product, they're devaluing their currency and there's nobody in our government to fight them."

This became a recurring theme from Trump throughout the debate. Trump mentioned China eight of the 11 times, and all of the six mentions of Mexico came from him.

But no real plan of how to really keep companies from fleeing except to tax them when they attempt to sell their merchandise in the U.S.  I hope this holds the same for HIS businesses that are off shore too!

It was more of the same old talking points that he has been talking since his campaign began last year...

During that exchange where Trump grills Clinton, then interrupts her, she says "My husband did a pretty good job in the 1990s" and that she has thought about how to replicate what worked at the time.
Trump interrupts and brings up that he approved the National American Free Trade Agreement, but she changes the subject, saying his administration brought "a balanced budget, and incomes went up for everybody. Manufacturing jobs went up also in the 1990s if we're actually going to look at the facts."

One would think a presidential candidate's spouse wouldn't come under the spotlight, but Clinton is the first major presidential candidate with a spouse who has served as U.S. president.

And Clinton is credited with redefining the role of first lady during Bill's administration. One of the biggest examples of that is in 1995, when the then-first lady delivered her famous Beijing speech, in which she proclaimed “women’s rights are human rights.” 

 Perhaps it's a surprise Bill Clinton wasn't mentioned more during the debate, considering how coverage of him seemed to overshadow that of his wife, the actual nominee, at times during the Democratic National Convention.

When posed with questions about law and order, immigration and other issues, Trump reminded viewers that he has received endorsements.
When  Lester Holt asked the candidates how they would heal racial tensions in this country, Trump said this: "I just got today the, as you know, the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, we just -- just came in," he said.
The Fraternal Order of Police, which has more than 300,000 members, announced its endorsement Sept. 16.

He talked about "Law and Order " and bringing back stop and frisk to stop "Black on Black Crime"  That didn't answer the question...about healing the racial tensions that right now are the highest since 1966..

But this was him the entire debate and American saw it...And sensible Americans gave last nights nod to Hillary Clinton...

It was obvious he didn't prepare for this debate...He just rolled out his tried and true routine...The one that won him the primary...

It didn't work Donald....As Smokey Robinson sang... "You've got to try something new!

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Weekend Humor

Everybody Have A Progressive Weekend....(That ought to piss off Right Wingers!)

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A Man Was Executed in Tulsa

Colin Kaepernick takes a Knee..
Some people want to riot....
Terrence Crutcher takes a bullet...
Same people are now very quiet!
This happens entirely too much...A Black man, unarmed shot and killed by the cops and the excuse they use is ...."I was afraid for my life."  This is getting pretty old now...
That was my first response upon hearing about the Terrence Crutcher murder in Tulsa ,Oklahoma yesterday morning...Here I was , Still on a high from my Eagles Winning their second game in a row and this news just knocked my post football elation down.
The official story is.. 

Police video from the incident, which occurred  Friday shows 40-year-old Terence Crutcher walking away from the officers and toward his SUV with his hands up then approaching the side of his vehicle, before an officer shocks him with a stun gun and he is fatally shot. Police were called to the scene to respond to a report of a stalled vehicle. How someone turns up dead after this is baffling to me...

Police Chief Chuck Jordan announced Monday, before the video and audio recordings were released, that Crutcher had no weapon on him or in his SUV when he was shot. It's not clear from the footage what led Betty Shelby, the officer who fired the fatal shot, to draw her gun or what orders officers gave Crutcher.

Shelby's attorney, Scott Wood, said Crutcher was not following the officers' commands and that Shelby was concerned because he kept reaching for his pocket as if he was carrying a weapon.And there is the spin..

"He has his hands up and is facing the car and looks at Shelby, and his left hand goes through the car window, and that's when she fired her shot," Wood told the Tulsa World for a report Tuesday.

Local and federal investigations are underway to determine whether criminal charges are warranted in the shooting or if Crutcher's civil rights were violated.Don't expect them to find anything.

Tulsa police helicopter footage was among several clips showing the shooting of Crutcher and its aftermath. In that video, a man in the helicopter that arrives above the scene as Crutcher walks to the vehicle can be heard saying "time for a Taser." He then says: "That looks like a bad dude, too. Probably on something."

How he can determine that from a helicopter ,500 feet in the air is simply amazing.

Let's call a spade a spade..No pun intended..This poor man was racially profiled first and then shot in cold blood second...

Crutcher's twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher, called for charges Monday.
"The big bad dude was my twin brother. That big bad dude was a father," she said. "That big bad dude was a son. That big bad dude was enrolled at Tulsa Community College, just wanting to make us proud. That big bad dude loved God. That big bad dude was at church singing with all of his flaws, every week. That big bad dude, that's who he was."

Police video shows Crutcher walking toward his SUV that is stopped in the middle of the road. His hands are up and a female officer is following him. As Crutcher approaches the driver's side of the SUV, three male officers walk up and Crutcher appears to lower his hands and place them on the vehicle. The officers surround him, making it harder to see his actions from the dashboard camera's angle.

Crutcher can be seen dropping to the ground. Someone on the police radio says, "I think he may have just been tasered." One of the officers near Crutcher backs up slightly.

Then almost immediately, someone can be heard yelling, "Shots fired!" Crutcher's head then drops, leaving him completely lying out in the street.

After that, someone on the police radio can be heard saying, "Shots fired. We have one suspect down."

Officer Tyler Turnbough, who is also white, used a stun gun on Crutcher, police said. Shelby's attorney, Wood, said Turnbough fired the stun gun at the same time Shelby opened fire because both perceived a threat.

The shooting comes just four months after former Tulsa County volunteer deputy Robert Bates was sentenced to four years in prison on a second-degree manslaughter conviction in the 2015 death of an unarmed black man. Bates said he mistakenly grabbed his gun instead of his Taser. Shelby worked as a Tulsa County sheriff's deputy for four years before joining the Tulsa Police Department in December 2011, officials said. She has been placed on paid leave.

The initial moments of Crutcher's encounter with police are not shown in the footage, and Wood said the situation unfolded for about 2 minutes before the videos began. Shelby did not activate her patrol car's dashcam, said police spokeswoman Jeanne MacKenzie, and the ground-level video released Monday came from the car of a second officer who arrived at the scene.

Initial police briefings indicated Crutcher was not obeying officers' commands, but MacKenzie said Monday she didn't know what Crutcher was doing that prompted police to shoot. Two 911 calls described an SUV that had been abandoned in the middle of the road. One unidentified caller said the driver was acting strangely, adding, "I think he's smoking something."

After the shooting, Crutcher could be seen lying on the side of the road, blood pooling around his body, for nearly two minutes before anyone checked on him. When asked why police did not provide immediate assistance, MacKenzie said: "I don't know that we have protocol on how to render aid to people."
The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma, which also called for charges, said Crutcher was left to bleed while officers stood by. The group's executive director, Ryan Kiesel, said Crutcher's death shows "how little regard" Tulsa police have for the community's minorities.

Dozens of protesters gathered outside the county courthouse Monday evening holding signs that read, "Justice 4 Crutch" and "Don't Shoot."

U.S. Attorney Danny C. Williams said the Department of Justice will conduct a civil rights investigation to determine if charges should be brought in the case. Don't expect them to find anything...

Speaking Monday in Tulsa, civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump said Crutcher committed no crime and gave officers no reason to shoot him.

"When unarmed people of color break down on the side of the road, we're not treated as citizens needing help. We're treated as, I guess, criminals — suspects that they fear," said Crump, who is representing Crutcher's family just as he did relatives of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, black Florida teenager who was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in 2012.

He said Tulsa police drew their own conclusions about Crutcher.

"So I guess it's a crime now to be a big black man," Crump said. "My God, help us."


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Good Question!

I'll wait patiently for the answer.......I'LL WAIT!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekend Humor

A 100-year-old man enters a Catholic confessional and admits "Father, last night I had sex with a couple of 18-year-old girls for hours."

The priest sternly replies "That is a sin, I'm going to give you a penance."

The old man laughs "That won't be necessary father, I'm Jewish."

The Father, confused, asks "Then why are you telling me this?""

The man said. "Hell....I'm telling everyone!"


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Weekend Humor

Everybody Have A Great Weekend!

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What I've Learned

1. Stupid is as Stupid does

2.A Lie travels the world twice while truth is trying to put it's pants on...

3.It's Hard to speak the truth in a world where people don't realize they are living a lie.

4.Sometimes (In this day and age) I should change my phone number to just hang up and text me

5.If making someone happy costs me my happiness, then I can no longer afford them.

6.Question everything...Trust Nothing?

7.Never Give Your Cell Phone Number, excuse Me, Smart Phone Number to a questionable Person...They'll put it on the Internet.

8.Happiness is more or less being loved back by the people you love.

9.One way to get attention is by no longer needing it!

10.Reality is what it is...Not Always what one wishes it to be.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Two Different Americas

We clearly live in two different America's ...But why should we have to?

Friday, September 2, 2016

What Kind Of Protest Is Ever Acceptable?

What Kind of Protest is ever acceptable? When is it ever the right place or the right time?
Truth be told...Americans like Free Speech (or so they say) Until you're saying something they don't want to hear!

Thursday, September 1, 2016


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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