Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Idea For Date Night!

As I write this...I know I should be focusing on the more serious aspect of President Obama's state of the Union address tonight..His first since the Republicans & their Tea Party took the House, but I can't help but think that this would be a great time for a date! Yeah ,you heard me..a date! I kind of got the idea from one of my Facebook friends and some people on Twitter. They were debating whether to go out to see the state of the union address or top have some friends over! Imagine that?

I have to say....No other President in my lifetime, Not Clinton, Not Bush ,Not Reagon even has inspired this kind of talk. Going out..presumably to a Bar or Club to see the State of the Union Address?? ,Having people over to watch it? With cold cuts?? Chips, Frito Lays, Beer?? Are we talking about a sporting event or the State of the Union address?? Chalk that up to President Obama...The only President who has created this kind of interest (amongst folks in my circle) for this kind of thing.. Maybe it's because we are all older and more serious.. Yeah, maybe! LOL!

Why not use this as a chance to get to know that girl or guy who shares a different political viewpoint from you? Especially if you plan on going out...I hear that during the speech, The Democrats and The Republicans are going to be practicing some serious social civility. Social civility...Do you like that? That was one of my originals...

Im serious, the push to mix Republicans and Democrats throughout the audience of President Barack Obama's televised State of the Union address spread across Capitol Hill yesterday, fueled by signals that Americans want to see more cooperation among the nation's leaders. Social Civilty indeed!

This plot was hatched last week by Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., The idea caught fire over the weekend after a poll showed a big majority of the public wanting lawmakers of both parties to sit together at the presidential address. A spirited round of private phone calls and e-mails among lawmakers followed, and by Monday at least five dozen House members and senators had announced they had bipartisan dates for the big dance.

The result from this could be helpful to President Obama as he delivers what is effectively the first speech of his re-election campaign. Rather than serving the traditional visual of the president's party popping up on one side of the chamber for dozens of standing ovations, the applause will be more evenly spread, perhaps giving the illusion of wider acceptance.

Surprisingly, many Republicans accept the basic intent of the new seating plan. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., told reporters that he would be more than happy to sit with his Democratic counterpart, Steny Hoyer of Maryland.(Steny? Really?) He suggested that if working more productively together is everyone's goal, "maybe the sitting thing is a first step." Yeah,Maybe.

"If nothing else, it shows we are trying," said Rep. Paul Gosar, a freshman Republican from Arizona who will be sitting next to Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. "That's a gesture that the American people really want to see."

It may be fleeting. Good manners for an hour on television carry no guarantees for the political battles that loom over health care and federal spending during the two-year presidential election cycle that effectively kicks off with President Obama's speech from the well of the House. You can believe that even though the kiddies will make nice tonight as I write the time you read this...they will be back to hand to hand combat!

All jokes aside ,many members of Congress are more than civil to each other in private, regardless of party affiliation. They play football and softball together.(For real, they do!) They travel to exotic locales and war zones in "codels," or congressional delegations. They have similar work lives as elected members of Congress, which for many means spending days or weeks at a time away from home.

So it's not much of a stretch for most to sit elbow-to-elbow with people who are members of the other party. Even so, the sprinkling of Republicans and Democrats across the chamber Tuesday night will be a carefully calibrated affairs, more like prom dates than political marriages.

Which brings me back to my main point...If members of this contentious congress can sit together, Why can't guys find a republican girl to sit next to in the bar or club and have a decent political debate with over a few beers or a couple of cups of coffee and say a flaming steak fajita?

Or young ladies, invite a couple of guys over to someone's home and rather than and learn....Chat and Chew....Who knows where it can lead?....If the Congress can do it...So can you!.

A Different kind of Public service message from the Maverick of Love!


Toni said...

Not exactly the kind of date I was thinking of!

Angie B. said...

I thought about this concept! Nahhhhh! Good Post though!

James Perkins said...

Capital Idea Good Brother!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

the Maverick of Love

I like that. Great post! Keep up the good work. I may not always comment, but I definitely read.


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