Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thank You ,Negroes!

He survived!  Thanks in part to his successful ability to marshall traditional Democratic voters (ie-Black voters) Thad Cochran won his election last night....over his Tea Party backed challenger, Chris McDaniel..

Chris McDaniel, who had the backing of major outside conservative groups, originally appeared to have momentum going into Tuesday’s election. He and allies tried to paint Cochran as too attached to Washington’s federal coffers and out of touch with the state’s conservative voters, and he compared his own campaign to that of Tea Party heroes like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky’s Sen. Rand Paul.
But Thad Cochran got a last-minute influx of support from Republican establishment groups and high-profile surrogates like fellow senator John McCain of Arizona. Promising to keep bringing federal dollars to Mississippi, the senator’s campaign worked to appeal to voters outside the typical GOP electorate, including the state’s substantial African American Democratic population.
Some critics cried foul, including McDaniel, who called the strategy “unfortunate.”
Unfortunate for who?  

Chris McDaniel did not concede when he appeared before supporters Tuesday night, instead indicating his campaign had not yet ended.
"Before this race ends, we need to make sure the Republican primary was won by Republican voters," he said. Coded language for White voters.
The Tea Party favorite’s supporters, including outside groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund and FreedomWorks, sent volunteers to polling locations in the state to oversee voting and prevent those ineligible to vote from casting a ballot.
Coded language for Black voters!
National Democrats had been hoping for  Chris McDaniel – who made a series of controversial statements during his time as a radio host – to topple the long-time senator.
Even in the deeply conservative state, they believe they have a strong candidate in former Rep. Travis Childers, who could have exploited any potential missteps by the less experienced McDaniel.
Anyway...Thad Cochran held him off and although this is highly unlikely...He should ride around all of the highly Black populated areas and yell out- "THANK YOU NEGROES, FOR YOUR SUPPORT!"
That is not likely to happen, but it should!

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Arlene said...

I've got no connection to Mississippi, but I watched that race to see how our brothers and sisters would respond to "ole massa's" cry for help! Cochran has helped the Negroes in his state by happenstance! Help came to the majority and the minority got the trickle down. That trickle kept Black colleges open and health centers funded. The alternative candidate is a confederate wannabe who longs for the return of "the good old days" when he and his ilk ruled with impunity. Crackers like Palin and Cruz were on his side. Medgar Evers would have stood up and spun around if that McDaniel had won. He's the modern day De La Beckwith!!

Last week the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates disagreed with Dr. King's statement that the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice. Coates says we're in a "bar fight" and we must use whatever we can get our hands on to win. Seems like ol' massa agrees!


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