Monday, January 30, 2017

See No Evil

I want to address this to all of you who voted for Donald Trump....I promise this won't be a long post...I only ask for a little bit of your time....

See, I would like to believe that all of you aren't racist, ignorant trolls....I know that some of his supporters are, but I don't think all of you are....

Some of you really believed that he could end the congressional gridlock that has plauged Washington D.C. for the past eight years...

Some of you really believed that by him being an outsider and not a politician...but a buisnessman...He might actually run this country better...

That remains to be seen....I'm betting that he won't run this country better at all...

Did you hear him when he said he'd "drain the swamp?"  Do you see how all of his cabinet appointments are wealthy businessmen who have no experience at the jobs they have been appointed to do...?

During the campaign did it not bother you that his entire platform was set up to bully and malign the most defenseless people...Immigrants, Muslim and Christian refugees from war torn Syria...??  That he's now detaining and attempting to send back immigrants from muslim countries EXCEPT the ones that he has business interests in...You didn't see that did you?

Maybe you don't care....You're not an immigrant and you're not a Muslim.

Did you see and did you hear him mock a reporter with a disability?  You didn't see that either??

Did you not see Black men and women , beaten and thrown out of his rallies by his rowdy racist supporters, sometimes being egged on by him...No? You didn't see that and that didn't bother you?? Hmmmm,okay...

Okay and 12 women came forth and accused him of inappropriately groping and kissing them and you thought nothing of that...Yet , when women accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, it was okay to persecute him with no proof...and practically destroy his legacy....yet your candidate for president said in his own words on tape that he likes to "grab em by the pussy and kiss em because when you're a star or famous, they let you do that!"  That came out of his own mouth....but you didn't hear that, right?

Did it not bother you that he hasn't shown his tax return s yet and every other president, Democratic or Republican has done this?

It doesn't bother you that he hasn't paid any taxes in 18 years because of a  loss of nearly a billion dollars...Yet you still think he's a good businessman, despite a slew of bankruptcies..Hmmmm....

And it doesn't worry you that he paid a huge settlement for his fake university soon after his election?

No?  I don't think any other presidential candidate ,regardless of party could have gotten away with this much and still gotten elected...It boggles my mind..

If you didn't see the evil, hear the evil or acknowledge the evil...none of which I've made up.....Then maybe Hillary Clinton was right...You are deplorable and a hypocrite of the highest order!


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SLC said...

Hmmmmm. I'm just waiting for someone to disagree.
Still waiting


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