Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What I've Learned

1. I'm 59 years old...I'm not going to look like I did when I was 29 years old, but you have to try...

2.I didn't grow up saying I had to be anything....I was just in awe of all of the possibilities.

3.Fear of Death is a great motivator to eat right and exercise and get in shape.

4.I suppose I should have survivor's guilt...So many of my friends who began this journey with me are no longer here...but I don't...

5.Sometimes you can find beauty where nobody bothered to look!

6.I'm Not Ward Cleaver or Cliff Huxtable...but I think I've been a pretty good dad overall..

7.You need someone to look up to and someone to look up to you! That's called balance.

8.Parenting doesn't end when your kids grow up....If you're lucky!

9.A good marriage is all about intimacy, and getting to know each other as best as you can.

10.I have two voices in my head...One that says...You're going to be 60 next year...You're old...And another voice that says...Ahhh knock it off...Be glad you're still alive to worry about it! 



Sunflower said...

I love these

Halo said...

I love these too!

Toni said...

Number five is sooo true!


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