Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Gonna Say This About That!

Well, it's time to create a new recurring post folks. This is the first installment of what will be a recurring post that will essentially be a mini-blog post... short and sweet (also, because I'm a bit under the weather and I don't have a lot today).

A newspaper reporter from my hometown wrote under a photo of President Obama... "OBOMBA", a clever way (according to him) of saying that the President's speech failed to inspire or reassure the American people that this leak can be cleaned up and plugged up anytime soon.

I'm gonna say this about that! Just what do people expect the president or his administration to do? While we are on this subject, let me ask if any of these reporters were as critical of George W. after Katrina? This President has come up with (I think) Twenty million in aid and he has said that BP (that's short for "Biggest Polluter") will pay something to the victims and for the clean up operation.

So, I ask... what more do you want him to do? He, and by he I mean President Obama, was there on the beach, in the mud and muck, shortly after this disaster and is even taking responsibility for something that is not his or his administration's fault. I don't remember a simular course of action by George W. I believe he was somewhere enjoying dinner at the time of Katrina.

I'm gonna say this about that! People really need to get a grip. If there is any blame to be assigned or fingers to point, there is a big yellow and green sign that reads BP in the horizon.


Arlene said...

Hip, hip, horray!! Yes, you said it!! What were people expecting? That the president would wetsuit up with a cork in his mouth and scubadive to plug that fissure?? These folks who want small government, no regulations, now want the government to take responsibility for corporate failure. How could the government help if taxes are cut to the bare bones? BP, Oceanna and Haliburton (does that name sound familiar?) are still making money to the tune of millions each day while the "small" people suffer. And by the way, that's 20 Billion bucks from BP. Our president stood up for the "small" people. President Obama is working to keep people in their homes and save the environment. "W" is long gone and so are many of the residents of New Orleans who may never get restored to pre-Katrina status.
Did W set aside funds to see to their needs? His mother thought people were living better than they ever had: housed in gyms, sleeping on cots, wearing gifted clothing and eating canned food.

Hey Shae! said...

Not to mention, this is the President's fourth visit to the area and as he said, he'd been down to the Gulf before many people were even aware there was a problem. In addition, he has also asked that tourist continue to visit LA. I guess folks want him to wave a magic wand and make the spill stop.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

You know Obama can't do anything right in the eyes of the GOP.

Did you hear about the Rep from Texas who apologized to the BP execs for being shaken down by the Obama Administration.

Hmmm, so what do you call the 1.5 Million in campain contributions this guy has received from oil interests?

Now, I did hear something else today that raised an eye. Supposedly, BP never wanted to drill that far out in that deep of water. Supposedly the government wouldn't allow them to drill where they wanted to, a place where they could have likely done a better containment job. So the word is, that there is plenty of blame to go around.

But back to the point at hand, just what do they expect Obama to do? They are just trying to smear him to prevent a second term from occuring, despite the fact he is doing a far better job than George W. ever did.


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