Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Is Al Greene ?

Okay, I'm always raggin' on the great State of South Carolina and its embarrassing and bizzare politicians. Recently, Al Greene won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator in that state. No, not the Al Green who sang "I'm Still In Love With You" and "Let's Stay Together"... this is Alvin Greene.

Now, mind you... this is the same state where a congressman yelled, "You lie!" during the Presidential State of the Union address last year. This is the same state where the married Republican Governor went jogging and wound up in Argentina with his beautiful latin mistress.

This is also the state where an Indian woman is also running and fending off accusations of having affairs with not one, but two men. This, ladies and gentlemen, is South Carolina and that is where Alvin Greene comes from.

Who is Alvin Greene? I'm glad you asked. He is a 32 year old unfunded, unemployed veteran who is black and lives with his mother in Manning, SC, but ran away with the Democratic nomination for the Senate in the Palmetto State last night. In the November general election, he will face first-term GOP incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint, who many expect to seek the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

If elected, Alvin Greene will become only the fourth black person elected to the U.S. Senate since reconstruction and the first from the south. But, let's pause here for an important question: Just what the hell is going on in South Carolina?

Alvin Greene, who is completely unknown to Democratic officials in South Carolina or anywhere, put his win in dramatic historical perspective, as he told the Greenville News... ''I want to thank all my supporters for making history in South Carolina. 'It's been over 100 years since a black person has won the nomination of a major party to the U.S. Senate from this state.'' He ain't just whistlin' dixie!

South Carolina, which is nearly 29% black and ranks fourth among states with the largest percentage of black citizens, has elected only one African American to Congress in the last 100 years, and that person is the current Democratic Majority Whip in the House, James Clyburn.

Democrats just don't win statewide races in South Carolina anymore, so there is almost no scenario that plausibly explains a Greene victory over DeMint in November... but on the other hand, there is no plausible explanation of how he won the Democratic nomination in the first place. The possibilities are intriguing.

You know what I say? Go get 'em, Al!

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Arlene said...

Hey, Keith, what's the residency requirement to vote in SC? We should head on down and help the brother with our votes! He'll need it. The history of SC forecasts trouble for Al. The deeply entrenched desire for return to the 1800's is held by many. SC is a confedreate flag waving state. Jim Clyburn represents an area that is predominately black but he stands with integrity for all his constituents. We can't say that about Jim DeMint. The word conservative takes on a new meaning in the south. Jim Crow would still be the law of the land.
I still love Myrtle Beach for vacation!


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