Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Seven (7 Things I'm Feeling Right Now)

1. Ethiopian Coffee
Too black, too strong, but just right to kickstart your morning.

2. Beyonce "I Am Sasha Fierce"
I said I wasn't feeling it at first but, it grew on me!

3. Foreign Exchange "Leave it all Behind"
Original R&B, mixed with a little acid jazz, and just a touch of funk.

4. Anthony Hamilton "The Point of it All"
The point being, this is real soul music here... the way it's supposed to sound.

5. "Seven Pounds" starring Will Smith
A far better movie than the critics are telling you it is. It makes you think and it keeps you engaged until you finally figure out just what it is this movie is about. After all, isn't that what good movies do?

6. Taraji P. Henson, Actress
I have been loving her since the movie "Baby Boy". She has just been giving us one great performance after another.

7. "The Right Mistake" novel by Walter Mosley
He's still my favorite author!


Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Keith,
Phi Nu Pi from a Kappa Leaguer!
I will check out the list, Check out my Kongo Square Chat with Odie Hawkins from 2008. Great Author and I highly recommend him.
Also, I got Darnella Ford coming up for the next KSC. She wrote Rising and Crave. Check them out!

Toni said...

Hey Keith,I love your Saturday Seven. Most guys like Beyonce, regardless of what she's singing..I
have a feeling it's more than the music-lolololol.

Swaggie said...

Hey Keith, Love your Saturday Seven haven't done one in awhile...Didn't know if you were gonna do a post today or not..Glad you did!

Jazzy said...

Foreign Exchange is da truth brother,I just picked it up myself!

James Perkins said...

Love The "Saturday Seven" and really love your music choices...
I just picked up Anthony Hamilton the other day.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

@Toni- "Most guys like Beyonce, regardless of what she's singing,I think it's more than just the music."

YA THINK???- lololol.

Angie B. said...

Hey Keith..I saw "Seven Pounds" I wasn't feelin it..but to each his own.

Walter Mosley is one of my faves too!

I love Ethiopian Coffee

SunFlower said...

Hello Keith, Glad you did a post today..I was hoping and praying you weren't going to take a blogging break...Couldn't stay away huh?

Lisa said...

Hey Keith, I have all of those CD's
you named and they are fiyah!! You're right on point with these.
Not feelin any coffee except Dunkin
Donuts coffee. I'm not with all of those foreign blends..They taste weird.

Haven't seen "Seven Pounds" Yet.

Halo said...

What's Up Keith....Your "Saturday Seven" posts are the truth man...Where have they been? You haven't done one in a minute.

Captain Jack said...

Nice Blog you got here....I'm liking both of your blogs.

Vanessa said...

Hi Keith..Anthony Hamilton is fiyah. I've been playing it over and over since I got it.

I knew you'd come around as far as
Beyonce was concerned..

Foreign Exchange is the truth, everybody is rockin that on their

Simon Bastion said...

That was a short haitus brother Keith! Just kidding, I know that you didn't say you were taking one.
You just sounded so weary the other night...I guess a good night's sleep has revitalized those
creative juices...I didn't see anything posted on "Escapades" today..but with two blogs, you're entitled to rest every once and awhile. I couldn't keep one blog running as consistantly as you do two..Good post.

Tate 2 said...

I gotta agree with Angie B. I wasn't feelin "Seven Pounds" either,I fell asleep through it..I did catch the last half hour of it though.

Your Music choices were as usual on point.

Have to try to Ethiopian it strong?

Opinionated Diva said...

1-i butcher all kinds of the time i liberally add milk and sugar, it's totally weak on the coffee! lol

2-the Sasha side is more enjoyable...the I AM side is blah to me

5-haven't seen 7 pounds yet. wanted to go today, but ole man winter has decided now is a good time to give us some couch is too comfy to leave! lol

enjoy your Saturday

LadyLee said...

I've been meaning to see 7 pounds, just haven't gotten around to it.

I like good Kenyan coffee and the Hawaii Kona. I MAY drink one cup a month, so I don't mind spending 25 bucks a pound on it! (I only get a few scoops at a time).

I'm down for Taraji... she's coming up and I hope she gets some nominations for her part in Benjamin Buttons.

Kofi Bofah said...

Sasha Fierce is growing on a lot of people.

Angel said...

I wanted to see that film but the critics have been saying its rubbish, I havent spoken to anyone that has actually seen it, so im trusting your opinion Keith and going to go

Shorty said...

I had a feeling you were in to "a touch of funk." You just seem like that kind of hip dude. And, I love Beyonce's new album...what I've heard of it and what I've seen her promote. It's on my wish list!

Strongblkwmn said...

I'm so glad that Taraji is finally getting some of the recognition she deserves.She stole all of her Benjamin Button scenes. It's total b.s. that black actresses can be just as good but have to work twice as hard. Her career should have blown up a long time ago.

I'm still waiting for Sasha Fierce to grow on me.


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