Saturday, January 3, 2009

What I've Learned

1. It's better to roll with the "seven" who loves and adores you than to take a chance on the "ten" who just tolerates you.

2. I have never once talked to any female who used any of those "ten things to drive your man wild in bed" pointers that are featured in magazines like Redbook. I always figured those articles were written for people in the waiting rooms of their respective doctor or dentist.

3. Sometimes, it's just not about money.

4. I'd much rather try something and fail miserably than to not try and spend the rest of my life wondering, "what if ?"

5. Sometimes, it's not about sex.

6. My father died suddenly, the day after Father's Day 2002, and I thought in the moments after I got the news that I knew very little about his life... as a young man in the service, the types of women in his past, etc. I was going to have that conversation with him one day. You always think you've got all the time in the world... in those quiet moments, I realized that I did not.

7. My grandson teaches me everyday how beautiful it is to learn something new and how we take the simple things like talking, walking, holding hands, and trusting someone for granted.

8. You don't want to meet a lot of celebrities you admire... you're always let down in some

9. Most people who are portrayed as larger than life usually aren't (this just re-inforces what I said in number 8).

10. The first time I heard Tupac Shakur rap, I knew he was destined to be a star. I also knew that he wasn't going to be around to see his thirtieth birthday. He just had that look, that
starcrossed look. Biggie had it too!

11. Fidelity is the greatest thing you have in life because it's yours and no one else's. Word truly is bond.

12. It's far easier to overcome adversity than it is sucess. After sucess, what do you do next?


Anonymous said...

You know are not alone. I am feeling you on the daddy thing. He is my best friend..and I know that I dont have long with him...I hope that Im wrong. But every moment or chance we are together means the world to me, and I take it.

I dont want to meet any celebrities...and I know that all the ones that think that got it..only lose it.

take care in the new one...ok

Kofi Bofah said...

You are right about the celebrity thing.

Put nobody on a pedestal.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

I felt the same way about Tupac, when I first heard him..I knew he had fiyah!
Great Post as always!

Jazzy said...

Great Post, very introspective.

Lisa said...

I thought what you wrote about your grandson was so sweet!
Very Nice post.

Tate2 said...

I totally feel you on the first one. Better to roll with the seven
than be tolerated by the dime peice.

Halo said...

I love these kind of posts, they reveal so much about the person that is writing them, but then again,that's why I like reading peoples blogs.

Vanessa said...

Happy New Year Keith, Cool Post.
You're right, sometimes it aint about sex.

Toni said...

Hi Keith,Love these posts!

Angie B. said...

"Sometimes it's not about Money."

"Sometimes it's not about Sex"

So True, So True.

Sunflower said...

Another Great Introspective Post.

How are you doing?

James Perkins said...

We truly don't have all the time in the world Keith, we truly don't.
Great Post. Some of it hit where I live.

Simon Bastion said...

Happy New Year Brother, Good Post!

Swaggie said...

Hey Keith,Welcome to the '09 Brother...Good Post. Especially #1.

Shorty said...

Great post, Keith! Have a wonderful weekend!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wow, you've made some really great itself is truly a lesson in it's own way.

Moanerplicity said...

This was a wonderful lesson in introspection, my brotha. Much of what you've written here are affirmations to live by. I especially related to what you wrote about your father and share much of the same sentiment. Who were those people who sired us, and what were their dreams before we came along? I never had that conservation either. *sigh*

From one writer to another, I think you should very seriously consider writing a book of affirmations and lessons learned. I'd buy it... & I'm betting many others would as well.


In the meantime: Happy New Year to you & yours!

Make it a sublime 09!

Snatch JOY!



Anonymous said...

I'm loving this list so much!

I Laughed and reflected on things!

karrie b. said...

happy new year right back atcha keith. i hope the new year is everything you want it to be...


CurvyGurl said...

On point as always, Keith. I don't think I've had a chance to say "Happy New Year"! All the best in '09!

Scorned Woman said...

Another good one. "I'd much rather try something and fail miserably than to not try and spend the rest of my life wondering, "what if ?" totally rang true for me.

T. Michelle Theus said...

I loved this list! I can relate to much of it. Especially #7. When my grandfather died my first thought was that I just needed one more conversation with him. Just one. I still don't quite know what I would say but I still long for that chance =/ Great post.


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