Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 - 5 Facebook and Twitter Statuses People Need To Stop Right Now!

Haven't done one of these posts in a hot minute...

Here are five things people do on Facebook and Twitter that simply drive me crazy!

1.The Vague and Shocking post or tweet- Examples-“Going to the Hospital”, "Going to The Emergency ward" “Totaled my car” Look,If you’re going to the hospital or you have just been in any kind of automobile accident of some sort, you probably shouldn’t be making a status or tweet about it. This is certainly not a good way to tell your friends and family about something bad that has happened to you. If you’re well enough to post on fb or twitter, Chances are,you can make a phone call.

2.The Dramatic and Sudden Cliff Hanger...
Examples-"I'm so depressed" , "I'm so sick of people"..."I can't today..."Ugh".."FMl"
You obviously want people to ask  you what’s going on. About 5% of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers will die from curiosity and cave in to ask you what’s up, but the other 95% of us know you’re being intentionally vague for attention. It’s annoying. Stop it please.

3.The "Friend" Dump -
This happens on Facebook news feed a lot...Drives me up the fricken wall... Example- "
“Just cleaned out my friends list, if you’re reading this, congrats!”
Wow thanks, I’m so ..so friggen glad you kept me on your friends list so I can continue to read your pointless statuses. Silently Deletes. Silly rabbit...Tricks are for kids.

4.Too Many Damn Updates...
It's a minute to minute thing with you.....Examples-"Going to the toilet" ,Going to bed”, “Time for a shower”, “Laundry is so boring”..
Come onnnnnnnn...You're killing me and you are BORING!!! What is the actual point of this? Who are you talking to? There is a reason you have no "likes" and no comments on this status.

5.The Private Message- Example-"I sure wish people would stop talkin about me behind my back.."  "This is for my haters.."  , "See me in the street"
Oh shuttttt up already!  Why do you need to post it all over Facebook? or Twitter?? These statuses are clearly directed at someone in particular. Talk to them. Say it to their face!! This is a waste of my news feed.

In closing , all of us may have been guilty of one or more of these offenses...Now that you know better, Do better!

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