Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday 7 - Seven Things That Kill Your Sex Drive

Wow! My first Saturday 7 post in awhile and it looks like a buzz kill right?  Wrong!  Knowing this might help you keep the party going ......

 Sometimes, despite the fact that you know how mind-blowing orgasms can be, the thought of having sex just feels so...well...meh. Luckily, if your sex drive is tanking lately, there’s usually a reason why—meaning it’s not you, per se; it’s your habits. (And you can do something about those!)  Read this post to see if you see yourself and also to see if any of these strike a chord with you.

1.Your sex drive might be tanking because you drink too damn much!

Everyone knows that when we guys overdo it with the alcohol, it affects our uh performance big time. But it turns out that when you ladies throw back too many glasses of wine,trying to be like Olivia Pope on Scandal... it can have a similar effect. Yes, alcohol can lower your inhibitions, but if you drink more than one drink, it can also decrease your sexual performance—and your libido in general suffers...So fall back on the boozing...

2. Depresssed??
Speaking of depression, taking antidepressants can also wreak havoc on your libido. “Studies show that up to 30 percent of people taking SSRIs—that’s selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors—can experience sexual side effects, including lowered libido, erectile dysfunction, and orgasm difficulties.. I can't tell you to be happy if you're not...but being a little happier helps...It certainly doesn't hurt...

3. Are You using other drugs? Popping Other pills?

Maybe you have prescription medicine...That can do a job on you too...Anti-depressants aren’t the only drug that can lower your libido; other everyday meds can do it, too: Birth control, anti-histamines, decongestants, and high blood pressure medication can all interfere with a person’s sex drive...Be careful and read the labels and google your aware of the side effects.

4. Are you both getting enough sleep?
When you don't get enough sleep( and I'm guilty of this..) it can lead to weight gain..and poor work performance. But unfortunately, there’s another place lack of sleep rears its ugly head- In the bedroom. And it's not just that you're too tired to have sex, either (although that's definitely part of it)
If you cheat on sleep, you may lessen your libido—and also have a harder time climaxing in bed. Aim for seven to eight hours a night if you can...Unless of course,you are actually having sex..
5.Okay,let me just put it out there...You're Fat!  ahhh, overweight.

Being overweight..may decrease your sex drive and your performance in bed...certain medical conditions linked to obesity, like diabetes and high cholesterol, can also impact your libido. The good news? Losing weight can fix these issues.Lose the weight..Exercise..You'll feel better.

6.You Don't know how fine or gorgeous you really are.
Let that marinate! You Don’t Know How fine or Gorgeous You Are.. Poor body image can totally mess with your sex life. ..This pretains to both men and women..If you have negative thoughts about your body, it can translate directly into the bedroom..Why wouldn't it?


Yes, going out all the time is fun, and it’s really healthy to have a strong social network. But doing so can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and lack of intimate time with your partner—meaning sex takes a backseat...

So if you feel yourself saying yes to coworkers and no to your Significant.Other  take a minute to assess your priorities and make sure you're not spreading yourself too thin to enjoy a good romp in the sack. 
Think about it!


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