Monday, January 26, 2015

Tall Black Male

In between the ages of 12-46,I can't tell you how many times I have been stopped and frisked by cops because I "Fit the description of a black male suspect."  Tall,slender Black male...One time, the police caught the guy they were looking for while I was still in the area and he looked nothing like me..He was two shades lighter and had freckles...he was tall and of African-American disent.

Such is the life of an African-American these United States....Always a suspect and never,ever given the benefit of the doubt...I don't expect a lot of my white readers..If I really have any to understand because this is something that probably won't happen to them...

I understand that the police have to do their jobs...I understand this...But how much,I ask...How much is doing the job and how much is just racial profiling?

This is a question every Black person asks and whether white people want to believe it or not...A conversation that a lot of black parents have with their sons when they become of age to walk the streets alone.

A lot of white people believe that all of these black males who have happened to get themselves killed were in the commission of some crime and there for deserved to get killed somehow... An unarmed boy coming from the store ,minding his own business with some skittles and an ice tea....might have been up to something because he was wearing a hoodie...Four teenaged boys sitting in a parked SUV were playing their music too loud....A Black man who might have sold some loose cigarettes in the streets and a 12 year old with a toy pistol all put themselves in a position to be killed...If you read the tweets and post written by some whites...

Yet , a white kid who shot a U.S. Senator and a young white male who massacred 23 people in a movie theatre were both taken alive without a shot being fired at them...Explain that! 

Oh and here is the kicker....If you're Black and over six feet and over 200 pounds...Well then you have to be killed because you are too big and scary to be left alive....(Eric Garner, Mike Brown)

As a Black man, I might just make it a habit to travel with a White male friend at night, just so white officers and white people in general know that I'm a good guy and I mean them no harm...


My frat brother, Charles Blow(Pictured above) who writes for the New York fuming....he has every reason to...

The Yale Police Department is conducting an internal investigation of an incident in which a New York Times columnists' son was stopped by police, who were seeking a burglary suspect, according to the Yale Daily Mail.
The paper says college students had described a tall, African-American male wearing a black jacket and a red and white cap, as having attempted a theft in a dormitory. A suspect was later arrested. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

In a scene that has become all too familiar to New York Times columnist Charles Blow—who has written extensively about racial profiling—his son was stopped Saturday by Yale police as he walked home from the library, according to a report at Mediaite. And Brother Charles Blow is “fuming.”

He took to Twitter late Saturday to express outrage that his son, a third year biology major, was stopped because he “fit the description” of a suspect they were looking for, the site notes.

If A third year biology student at prestigious Yale can be profiled...What chance does the average guy out here in West Philly,or Harlem or Chicago's South side have?  I really think I will call some of my white friends up the next time I venture out at night.

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