Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore 2015

You had to know that this was going to happen sooner or later....That Collective Black Anger at all of these killings by police of unarmed black men across the nation was going to erupt into violence...You had to know it...It was inevitable...But that does not make it right!

While I understand the frustration and the root of the violence I can not condone it...Name me one time a riot ever changed something or brought about justice..It never has...

They are rioting and looting in Baltimore...All these riots in Baltimore are going to do is get more people killed and more people arrested...and SOLVE NOTHING! Praying for peace and calm in the streets of Baltimore!

Hundreds of rioters looted businesses and set buildings on fire in Baltimore on Monday in widespread violence that injured at least 15 police officers following the funeral of a 25-year-old black man who died after he was injured in police custody.

The disturbances broke out just a few blocks from the funeral of Freddie Gray and then spread through parts of Baltimore in the most violent U.S. demonstrations since looting in Ferguson, Missouri, last year.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard as firefighters battled blazes set by looters. Rioters with baseball bats smashed windows of cars in different areas of town.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called the rioters "thugs" and instituted a citywide curfew for all adults and minors beginning Tuesday night. The only exceptions are work and medical emergencies.
25 year old Freddie Gray's death on April 19 reignited a public outcry over police treatment of African Americans that flared last year after the killings of unarmed black men in Ferguson, New York City and elsewhere.

After more than an hour of mayhem, hundreds of police moved into glass-strewn streets where the worst of the violence had taken place and used pepper spray on rioters who had sacked check-cashing and liquor stores.

Police and news helicopters buzzed overhead and older community leaders tried to calm down mostly young rioters and prevent clashes with the police. Rioters cut a fire department hose while firefighters fought a fire at a CVS pharmacy looted earlier, the Baltimore Police said.

 An Orioles baseball game was canceled and schools, businesses and train stations shut down in the city of 662,000 people 40 miles (64 km) from the nation's capital.

White people for the most part are calling the rioters "Animals and Thugs"like they always do and ignoring the root of the problem that is causing the the violence..The racial profiling and murder of unarmed black people by police and in some cases white citizens , who always use the excuse.."I was afraid for my life.."

Most decent Black people ,while angry over yet another killing of an unarmed and at this time un charged Black man...(He was arrested simply for spotting police and running..)are denouncing the violence and the looting .....They are condemning it for what it is...criminal behavior that has nothing to do with the protests.

If Both races could calm down and see each others point of view and look at this objectively...We might get somewhere.....but this is America and that's not going to happen...Everybody is going to look at this from the point of view of their tribe, their group...and nobody is going to talk to each other...Just scream and shout and hurl invectives...Just like they're doing now....The comments on Facebook and Twitter are full of such ignorance, such blind hatred ON BOTH SIDES..Black and White that I'm taking a break from social media tonight....I just can't..

I just keep asking...When will it all end...The killing of unarmed Black people by angry white males,both with a badge and a gun and without a badge...the total indifference by White Society in general...and the blame game and pointing of fingers of both sides?

When Will it end? More important....How will it end?


Toni said...

Well Said Keith!

Angie B. said...

Very poignant commentary!

Sunflower said...

Very Eloquently Spoken Keith!

George S. said...

I agree whole heartedly with everything you said..(That doesn't happen that often-LOL!)

James Perkins said...

I agree Keith!


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