Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In Love With Beef

One thing my grandparents taught me and that I carry with me to this day is that a family should never air it's dirty laundry out in public...In other words...Keep Family disputes in the house...and present a united front to the public...

Black Leaders, Black entertainers, Black women, Black men,Black Preachers, Athletes, Politicians,and what not have never learned to do that..We argue and beef with each other in public constantly....

As a race...we are in love with beef....It goes beyond Biggie and Tupac...It goes beyond Malcolm and Martin...It goes all the way back to Booker T. and W.E.D. Dubois...

Black people love beef..

The latest beef is between Dr. Cornel "Obama Hater" West and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson... As everyone has heard...They supposedly ended their  friendship yesterday...

The realization comes to Mike  Dyson that Cornel West is now a parody of the intellectual he once was, that his vicious and often personal attacks on President Barack Obama have come at a cost—the loss of his credibility.

And the loss of their 35-year friendship sadly...

For Georgetown professor Micheal Eric Dyson, Cornel West—once an emperor among his peers—no longer wears his scholarly clothes, but can still evoke the phrases and popularized passages that remind you of who he once was.

Micheal Eric Dyson writes of the Princeton scholar, “It is not only that West’s preoccupations with Obama’s perceived failures distracted him, though that is true; more accurate would be to say that the last several years revealed West’s paucity of serious and fresh intellectual work, a trend far longer in the making. West is still a Man of Ideas, but those ideas today are a vain and unimaginative repackaging of his earlier hits.”

Yes, Micheal Eric Dyson affirms in his piece that Cornel West is  indeed brilliant. Yes, Cornel West is smart. Yes, CornelWest is perhaps one of the premiere intellectuals on the intersection of race and philosophy of his time. But yes, Cornel West is mortal, passive-aggressive, jealous and petty.

Hey, Nobody is perfect.....I do at times myself wonder why Cornel West and my frat brother,Tavis Smiley have such a hair up their asses about President Obama..

After perceived slights and political missteps by President Barack Obama, scholar Cornel West has led an intractable one-man war against the president that has been punctuated by interracial invectives, according to Michael Eric Dyson, the Georgetown University professor who recounts the end of his bromance with his friend and mentor in a trenchant piece at the New Republic.

As a result, Cornel West’s fulminating rage against President Obama has hurled him from his once-vaunted position as one of the greatest intellectual thinkers and scholars of our time to a faded relic of himself, Dyson says, transforming him from knockout Mike Tyson into, well, biting Mike Tyson.

Professor Dyson says the end of his friendship with West “is the collateral damage of his war on Obama.”

And why is there such a war between these men?  You would think that these men could meet in some deli, go in the backroom and talk out their differences over a Corn beef sandwich,some chips and a cold glass of beer....White politicians in Philly have done that for years...Probably still doing it away from the public eyes...

But nooooooooooooooooo...Black celebrities, thinkers, politicians ,athletes, rappers and what have you have to have public spats....Beef instead of corn beef and cole slaw and chips and beer..

This entire thing is now fodder for social media like Facebook and Twiiter...What isn't now of days? and aired out in just about every media outlet I have gone on yesterday...

Everybody involved would do well to heed the advice my grandparents instilled in me many years ago.

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