Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'll Always Love my Mama

I always get a little emotional around this day....You see,it's only been seven years since my mother departed this life...2008....This blog was only a few months old...Escapades was on the drawing board and hadn't been launched yet....I had no Facebook or Twitter page yet...(didn't even know what they were...) and Good Foodie wasn't even a thought in my mind..

Barack Obama was just starting to make headway in the primaries...The thought of a Black President was still too grand a concept for anybody to put their head around in May 2008 when she left here..She did think that he might have a chance....

Tame times huh?  I still marvel at how different the world was then.....

On this day, I suprisingly still think of the end of her life and not the entire life that she lived...That's wrong I know...but I'm still working things out...So many things happened and I had to do so much ,being the oldest son....I never really got the chance to grieve properly and take it all in...

Still working on that......I'll let you know how it turns out...

On a brighter note...For those who have mothers that are living...Honor them....Not just on this day, but everyday they are living and breathing!


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