Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two Shootings In Minneapolis

This is Philandro Castille...He was stopped and shot to death by a police officer ,despite the fact that he complied when asked if he was carrying a firearm.. A firearm that was legally registered to him in the State of Minnesota, an open carry state..

He had no criminal record....He had a job as a cook at a local school and his students and co-workers loved him...

The newspapers played up the fact that he and his girlfriend had been smoking pot in the car at sometime before they were stopped..

The Officers name and a photo of him wasn't supplied or made known until days after the shooting..

The Officer was acquitted of any wrong doing and allowed to resign from his job.

This is Justine Damond...She's White and from Austrailia...She was shot and killed by a police officer recently...She too was unarmed and it appeared she was shot for no good reason...Just like Phillandro Castille up top...

Two shootings in Minneapolis both handled very differently.

In her case...The officer's (who is African -American and apparently a Muslim)  name is immediately released.
A Press conference quickly held calling for answers. Description of victim is one which invokes sympathy.

 Photos of the cop and his personnel file are made available to the media.

There is an outcry for justice - even from conservative media outlets. Motives of the 'Muslim officer' is called into question.

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