Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Message To Right Amerika

Yesterday, President Barack Obama gave a speech to the school children of America that I found inspiring, myself. It was the kind of speech that I wish I had heard when I was of school age. Unfortunately, some children in some parts of the country did not get to hear this speech. Why? Because their parents are stupid. There I said it! I'm not going to pull any punches and I don't have to.

It gauls me when I turn on the news and hear some parent in Texas telling a reporter (and I quote)... "These are our children and we will tell them what they need to know. We don't want him pushing his political agenda in the classroom, poisoning their impressionable minds." I looked at this woman and I wondered aloud... "Who poisoned your impressionable mind and how long ago did that happen?" I also said... "Hmmmm, lady can you even spell impressionable?"

Presidents Bush, Clinton, Reagon, Carter, and I don't know... countless other presidents have gone to a random school and addressed children on the first day of school for years and I have never before heard of people pulling their kids out of school and refusing to play the speech on local television and radio stations before in my life. Once again a dirty lie has been told and groups of gullible people have fallen for the lie.

Someone got it in their heads that President Obama was going to use today's school address to push forward his health care initiative. How ridiculous! No other president has ever used the school address to do such a thing. The White House Press Secretary even released the transcript of the President's speech ahead of time for these idiots to view, since they were so scared, and they refused to read it. If they had read it, they would have found a responsible, well thought out and inspiring speech that was very patriotic and very plain spoken.

He spoke to the children in their language and in a way in which they could relate to what he was saying. He didn't talk over their heads. Of course, the gullible few who chose not to read the transcript of the speech chose to believe things they heard Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and of course, Glenn Beck say instead.

I blame the media. The media played all of this up and turned it into a controversy. Controversy sells..Controversy gets ratings.These are people who didn't vote for Obama in the first place. These are people who, if you talk to them, have views so nutty and far out that even Former President Bush and former presidential candidate John McCain try to distance themselves from them. (When, of course, they're not secretly courting their votes. It's kinda like the girl or guy you wouldn't be seen in public with but, on a cold and lonely night, you slip by her or his house, hoping that nobody saw you.) Yet, these nutty folks are made to look like a sizeable pocket of the American people.

I just don't get it... I just don't like it... and I'm going to say what I said a few blog posts ago. If the president's detractors want to break him and want to see him fail just for the sheer pleasure of doing so, who wins? Nobody. If the president's detractors have a better plan, then let's hear it!

And, like I said before... just what I thought. So, if you don't have a better plan, sit down, shut up, and let the man do his thing. Right?

This was a public service announcement from The Maverick of All Bloggers and I approve of this message!


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I think it's amazing what lengths they'll go to, even to the point of sounding idiotic, to try to stop the President from making any progress.

Vanessa said...

They better leave my President Alone.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

You're right Bruh, They interview the stupidest most extreme people..
People who like you say never voted for the man in the first place and try to make it look like
all over the nation, people were pulling their children out of the schools..When that wasn't the case at all.

James Perkins said...

These People are scared Keith..This is something new to them, A Black man in the White House and not the "Big House"

Simon Bastion said...

You convey your anger and outrage so eloquently!

Toni said...

These right wing nut cases will go to any length to make The President look bad...and they aren't accomplishing anything.

Angie B. said...

I saw the President's speech yesterday and I thought it was very good. I feel sorry for those children who didn't get to see it because they have small minded parents.

Brenda said...

You're telling it like it is..These people are stupid. Somebody said Socialist and now they are bandying that around every chance they get. No proof..just that it was said by Rush and you know he doesn't lie.

Cheryl said...

Nice play on words Keith..That was pure genius!

Sean said...

That school thing was only the tip of the iceberg..He's got to get past tonight..That's going to be the real test.

Captain Jack said...

Loved this title and loved what you had to say!

Tate2 said...

Tell em why you mad bruh...Tell em why you mad!

Swaggie said...

The idiot fringe..Just like you said Keith..They pulled their kids out of the schools...Refused to play the speech in some areas and chose to remain ignorant...

Lisa said...

You told them right.."If you haven't got a better plan..sit down,shut up and let the man do his thing..."lololol..I love it!

Halo said...

Keith ,this was the business..and right on time..I couldn't believe the things I was hearing and seeing yesterday concerning the speech..A speech every Preisdent gives to the nation's school children every year.

Sunflower said...

It never ends does it? The endless,non-sensical approach to any meaningful dialouge concerning
problems in this country. It hurts me to think that the President is going to have to encounter this everytime he attempts to deal with a serious problem.

Jazzy said...

I loved the post, what you had to say...I loved the title and it's play on words even better! -lolol

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was just outdone when I read this article:

Kids Didn't Hear Obama, But Will be Bussed for Bush

You can't even rationalize not wanting kids to hear the "current" president speak on staying in school with taking kids out of school to hear the ex-president (a man heralded for his bad judgment) and a few NFLers and "business leaders" speak. Yeah, if that's not a head scratcher tell me what is.

Arlene said...

Both of my sisters, high school teachers, missed the broadcast. In NJ, there were technical problems; in Philly, no access to technology/tv in the classroom. But the strong, dedicated educators they are have arranged to show the speech to their students despite the hurdles. Having a black man, Harvard grad, Law Review president set the bar high for youth. And I believe they will rise to the occassion. Think Maya Angelou's "And Still I Rise."
I don't remember a president speaking to classes when I was growing up. I may be too old to remember that far back but I think it was because we lacked technology the president may not have had access to us. What I did see last night on the news was an excerpt of Ronnie Reagan speaking to school children admonishing them to learn the ways of free market enterprise. Wow! have we seen the results of this free market free fall in the past several months. Where was the concern when Ronnie was really filling the kids heads with malarky? Did the parents believe that the "just say no" generation was looking for an opportunity to say "yes" to anything? Was this the beginning of the selfish behavior that said poor people want to be poor? That Black women were all welfare cheats? That Black men belong in prison? It was about the time that so much was privatized from garbage collection to prisons.
It's time for our president to be held in the high esteem he deserves. We must deter these lunatics from doing there best to bring him ( and us) down.

That Nigga Rich said...

They preach hate
We prefer to show love
I said it once
I'll say it again
Get used to the fact
My President's black

This ain't the plantation
So stop beating Obama's feet
But I have to give it to you
Thanks for showing us your sheet.


Mizrepresent said...

Keith, you know we are on the same page brutha...always! Great post.

Solomon said...

The clowns are running around frantically trying to spin any situation into a presidential blunder. Where do these people come from?

I think it is funny, a long time friend of mine just shakes her head every time the polls open for another election. She always votes for the democrats, and without exception her wayward husband all but goes in the booth and pulls the GOP leaver every time. She says if the country was voting in a new president and it was a popular democratic incumbant against a blow up doll that was representing the GOP, she said her hubby wouldn't even think twice about voting for the GOP blow up doll.

During the last election her husband had just lost his job because of government funding cuts by the GOP and everything else that was happening to the country was happening to the two of them. They are struggling to make ends meet. And just because he grew up in a republican family where that's what you did was vote for your favorite GOP candidate in every election he has the blinders on. *scratching head*

The hate mongers love people like this, they don't see what is really going on in the world, all they see is some sorry ass reality that they have been programmed to live.

I've even seen it reported that there are folks protesting healthcare reform that don't have heathcare of their own and haven't for many years. *scratching head*

I could go on and on with this one but I'll quit for now.

Anonymous said...

There are speeches and then there are politically driven speeches. I did not have a problem with the speech after viewing the script.

Where Obama went wrong was that they had presented a tutorial speech where they asked 'How can you help the Obama administration?'

That they knew would be controversial and people had a problem with that. Who would have a problem - reps of course.

The idea to give a speech was good but that move made people vary.

Come on Obama do better. Good speech though.

Angel said...

I didnt even hear about this! People are so crazy sometimes.


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