Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where's Don?

When this blog was about four month's old, I found myself reading blogs one night when I came across this blog called "Minus The Bars". Its author was a black male who used his first name as a signature, much the way I do. His name is Don and he wrote a funny post that I found so brilliant, I bookmarked it in my mind and remembered it. I used it as the basis for one of my short stories on my other blog, "Escapades". The story was written in the style of a late night conversation between a man and a woman, much in the way Don's post was written.

I commented on that post that night and I came back time and time again to this blog. I discovered that he had a second blog called "Deeper and Deeper" that featured his poetry. Again, I was impressed. I write poetry myself and it was then that I was formulating the idea of a second blog with poetry, just like his and Mizrepresent's poetry blog, WildflowerII. I hadn't quite decided what I was going to do or if I was going to launch another blog.

Don and I began to correspond back and forth through blog comments and then through e-mails. He encouraged me to go ahead with my plans to launch a second blog... a creative blog so to speak. He asked Mizrepresent about me and after getting her "seal of approval" (lol), he blogrolled me and I, in turn, blogrolled him. He became a frequent commenter on "Keith's Space" and when I launched my second blog, "Escapades", and began featuring not only poetry, but fiction, art, and what have you, he became a frequent commentor on that blog too!

He was a very popular blogger. Every blogger that I knew commented on his blog and he, in turn, commented on their blogs. He was courageous and down right crazy... profound and pornographic... all in the same breath. And then, one day in October, he just stopped blogging. He wrote a post ion which he said that he got abducted by aliens and when he got his money right, he would return.

It's been almost a year to the date he wrote his last post and nobody's heard from him. The last time I checked, that last post he did in October 2008 had 154 comments with people just stopping by to say "what's up"... a virtual who's who in the blogging world. A lot of bloggers say that they are shutting their blog down and going into "retirement." Most of them come back. Most of them create a whole new blog and start over again.

Don never did... he just stopped blogging and vanished without a clue. He was one of the best in this medium. If you're out there Don, holla back!


Adrienne said...

I hope everything is ok with him! He really seemed to be a great guy!

Rita said...

I'm sure hope Don is doing well also. Hoping he sees your post Keith and drops you a few lines.

Anonymous said...

I still go to his blog every once in awhile to see if he's updated. Don was one of the best bloggers out. I do remember him saying he was writing a book.

Let us know if you hear from him!

Arlene said...

Great Day, cousin. I never read your friend's blogs, but if you say his work is good then it must be. If he's writing a book perhaps you will also. Self-publishing is not easy but the process can be rewarding. Friday at noon there will be a tribute to E. Lynn Harris at the center city Borders. I could be hawking your book at the gathering.

Solomon said...

I remember the first time I went to Don's blog. It was when he published his last post. I remember early on going back again and again to see if he got away from his abductors and was blogging agin. I was just getting started blogging at the time so I never really got the chance to get to know him either. I hope he comes through again, it's always good to meet one of the best out here.

Mizrepresent said...

Thanks for this post Keith, as you probably already know, Don was and is still near and dear to my heart. I miss him so much. I go to his blog and just reread his posts, we have had...how can i put this and off and on, sometimes rocky, always fun, sometimes loving comradery. He was and still is one of my fav bloggers of all time. I loved how he used this medium to express his feelings, no holds barred. He showed us how it is done. He didn't care what he said, and said it with style. I'm hoping he returns, but not sure if he will...but i really think he is around and checking us out on the daily.

waving - hi Don, we miss u!

Angel said...

I wish I had followed his blog it sounds fantastic. I wonder how he will feel when he sees this tribute to him.


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