Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch What You Post

I initially was going to leave this alone....I mean I have already written a post about Republican, Arnold Schwartzeneager's sex scandal and that French Diplomat's sex scandal..So I figured I should leave this one alone...But I guess it wouldn't be fair if I left a liberal democrat other than John Edward's sex scandal out of the loop.

This isn't so much about what they are calling Weinergate than it is about watching what you post on facebook and twitter.  I notice that a number of mostly young women are posting profile photos of themselves clad only in T-shirts a or bras and panties staring seductively at themselves in a mirror holding their new android... I wonder why they do this because it usually gets them more attention than they might want...Or maybe that is why they do it..To get the attention they feel they are lacking.

Apparently , grown men , old enough to know better like to sext as they call it or place photos of their genitals on facebook, twitter and their phones and send them to young ladies....(at least I hope that's who they are sending them to....

Senator Anthony Weiner

Bishop, Eddie Long

Case in point...By now...once again, unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about Gennette Cordova,(The young lady in the photo above) the 21-year-old college student who received the penis shot at the center of this week's so called Weinergate scandal ,suposedly from newly married Senator Anthony Weiner, (Democrat, New York)

Gennette told the New York Post that she's exhausted by the media attention she's received, since she was identified as the recipient of his photo. He says that his system was hacked into and that he can't be sure if that's a photo of him or not.
Hmmmmmmmm! This brings me to my point...People should be careful of what they post, what they write and what they photograph on all of these forms of the internet...This stuff never truly vanishes and it can be brought up and used against you later...Plan on having a future? Beware of what you post today...

Of Gennette's new found internet celebrity she said- "I'm just collateral damage," She believes the photo (which the congressman can't say "with certitude" isn't of him) was intended for someone else -- perhaps stripper and porn actress Ginger Lee, who Weiner followed until recently.(Wonder who canceled who's account?) But she doesn't expect an apology and says she simply wants to get on with her life.

"I haven't slept much," she said. "I've just been constantly monitoring what's being said about me. It's crazy." Some of the pictures have been really bad -- just me out partying and stuff," she explained. "My grandparents have been seeing this. It's so embarrassing."

There's more than enough embarrassment to go around as this scandal continues to unfold. If nothing else, it's provided a wake-up call to everyone from congressmen to college students to use more discretion, or at least tighten up security and privacy settings, before posing (clothed or not) and posting.

Like I said...If you plan on having a what you post today!


Sunflower said...

A lesson worth learning...Good Post Keith!

Sean said...

Once again good sir, you are right on it!

Anonymous said...

Respect for here sharing the comment. That is really timely as I am having site difficulties of the kind, and also I'm actually intending attempting this for myself.


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