Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday marked 22 years. 22 of the best years of my life....It marked 22 years of marriage. We celebrated by going back to where it began...Atlantic City...We honeymooned in Atlantic City back in the early summer of 1989.

Friday, we made a pilgramage back to the city by the sea...and enjoyed a nice stress free day that wasn't too hot walking the boardwalk, doing a little shopping and enjoying the pleasurable company of each other. I have never been lucky at anything, (except marrying well) I did not play any games of chance. My wife however ,who has had a little luck in the past did partake in the one armed bandit....I don't think her luck held out this time. LOL.

We did however enjoy one of those great all you can eat buffets..( In my best Homer Simpson voice)

I missed out on the funnel cake....(better luck next time) this year and because I'm taking pain-killers..I did not partake in the Party on the beach bar either...(There is always but it wasn't about any of that...Yesterday was all about me spending a day with the person who has always made me feel like the luckiest person alive...

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CØ⋀L ØP⋀L said...

awww congrats!!!! I was born march 31st 1989 so 89 was a good year.


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