Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Humor

Chris had just turned 16 and had his hair in dred locks. He went to his dad and asked: "Dad it is my 16th birthday! I would like for you to by me a car for my birthday.”

So his dad replied, "Son, I will buy you any car that you want as long as you raise your grades AND cut your hair."

Chris said ok. The next week, Chris brought home a great report card he had raised all of his grades from c's and d's to all A's. His father was very happy!

"SON, THIS IS OUTSTANDING!" shouted his proud father!

Now Chris was so excited he told his dad what car he wanted a,red convertible Ford Mustang .

His dad said, "Chris you still aint cut your hair. What's up with that? That was the other part of the deal ,remember?"

Chris replied, "Well Jesus had long hair."

 His dad said, "Yeah, and Jesus walked everywhere he went too, didn't he?"

Have a great weekend and a safe holiday everybody!


BluJewel said...

LMAO! Love it!

SLC said...

Gotta remember this for my son's.


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