Wednesday, July 16, 2014

20 Things You May Not Have known About Me (or Cared) -Reprint

(Since I have obviously been suffering from writers block lately....(All of my escapades posts were written and scheduled a month ago ,so that blog doesn't count) I've decided to repost some of my favorite pieces from the early days of this this piece originally posted on July 31, 2008)

This was me... a future blogger!
(And yes, they had color pictures when I was a baby-lol.)

Okay, I know this is purely a fluff piece and every blogger and his mama has done one like this... but hey, it's a slow news night so, here goes.

1. I was born on the Monday after Easter of the year I was born.

2. At age 14, I was already 6ft tall and towered over both of my parents.

3. I love libraries and book stores.

4. Because of my early love of reading and because I read everything, I'm a walking encyclopedia of facts that nobody else cares about. I was dubbed the "King of Trivia" by one of my college roommates.

5. I once sold women's shoes... the pay wasn't great but, it was a nice way to make small talk and meet girls. (I met several during this time.)

6. I once worked as a pool cleaner (for the Department of Recreation, City of Philadelphia-lol). This was another nice way to meet women. Me and a friend would close the pool to clean it and fill it back up... and then, let the neighborhood girls back in late at night to swim. We weren't supposed to do that but, we never got caught. We probably ruined it for some teenager with the same summer job.

7. The first president that I was old enough to vote for was Jimmy Carter in 1976 (I didn't vote though, I was away in college).

8. The first time I actually voted was in 1980. (Jimmy Carter was running for president again but this time, he lost to Ronald Reagan).

9. I came very close to pledging Omega Psi Phi and then one night, I saw the Kappas stepping with canes. I was mesmerized so, I changed my mind and changed my life forever.

10. I practically lived with a Delta yet, had my heart broken by two AKA's (at different times... not the same semester).

11. After college, I considered joining the Navy, then enlisted in the Air Force instead.

12. I actually met the future "Mrs. Keith" in a video store.

13. I got married on the lawn of my parents home in New Jersey in 1989.

14. I am allergic to seafood but, would really love to try it. People look like they really enjoy it so much.

15. I love to cook (I'm actually pretty good at it, if I do say so myself).

16. (This should have been number one.) I got baptized and gave my life to the Lord in 1991.

17. I have been in only one fist fight since the 8th grade. (Some unfortunate guy called me the "N" word in 1984 and I hit him with a piece of plywood! I was 26 and hot tempered... what did I know?)

18. I didn't particularly like jocks yet, I lettered in two sports... track (in high school and college) and Soccer (in college). Yeah, I was the odd black guy on the team!

19. I can sing.

20. I'm a (closet) hopeless romantic.

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