Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If You Think This President Had A Rocky Ride....

Allow me to speculate for a minute!  We know how racism went off the meter during both elections in 2008 and 2012 in which this country elected it's first African-American President....So assuming...just assuming that it elects it's first female President in 2016....Though it's way too early to even speculate on that...Would sexism also rise off of the meters???????...

Someone in the loop seems to feel as though it would...
Former House Democrat Pat Schroeder predicts that Hillary Clinton would face "a lot of sexism" if she decides to run for president in 2016.

Schroeder served in the House from 1973 to 1997 as the first woman elected to Congress from Colorado. Now 73, she appears in "Makers: Women in Politics," a film airing this fall on PBS.

She was asked about Hillary Clinton on Tuesday at a summer TV critics' meeting.
"She's still going to have a lot of sexism," Schroeder said. "I can't believe there's people saying can she still be a grandmother and be a president. There are people making snide comments about her age. It's a little more subdued sexism, but it's very much there."

Hillary Clinton, 66, has yet to announce whether she even intends to run in 2016. The former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state will become a grandmother this year when her daughter Chelsea gives birth.

Pat Schroeder said she believes Hillary Clinton would bring a different approach to working with critics than President Obama.

"She understands how mean they are and she understands she's got to come back at them with more force," Schroeder said. "President Obama thought he could bring everyone together. That just isn't working in Washington right now." Don't we know that?

Pat Schroeder ran for president but withdrew from contention in September 1987. While in Congress, she was the first woman to serve on the House Armed Services Committee.

She balanced congressional work with motherhood early in her tenure and was known for her focus on work-family issues.

Understanding how mean they are and coming back with more force is not the answer..Voting them out of office and voting in more sensible candidates is the answer. 

The way things are now in the beltway...Nothing will be able to get done regardless of who is in the white house...The system needs an overhaul....Dare I say it?

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Arlene said...

I agree that we need a new congress and senate, perhaps even term limits. So many are lifelong politicians and not public servants. Our own representatives in state and national offices have been in place too long and represent themselves, not the common man. Now I like Bob, Chaka, Vincent, Louise, and even Mike, but public service should not be a career. Representatives should serve a community need, then step aside and allow others to serve. The one that really irks me is that Anthony Williams. When his record is examined the only beneficiaries are him, his wife, and his children. Our community gets the "trickle down" which means nothing!!

As for gender, I think Hillary will slap those punks down!! She's experienced with the mudslingers and hatemongers. Yes President Obama thought that Americans would come together as one to rebuild after the Bush debacle presidency, war and economic collapse. Sorry to say their hate runs really deep. The haters won't acknowledge his success (all the way to the bank with that 17000 stock market, new job, and healthcare.) I think Hillary has thick enough skin to slough them off and the personal money to knock them out!!


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