Monday, July 7, 2014

What I've Learned

1.People who complain about the summer's heat are often the same ones who complained about how cold it was in the winter...They live to complain!

2.First Born Sons are always a problem and I ought to know...I am one!

3.There is a big difference between a bad person and a person you just have a disagreement with.

4.Be Happy with what you have....and it'll make you less unhappy with what you think you need.

5.My Mother taught me to invest in quality and take care of the good things you have....They'll last you long after their value has depreciated...I've found that to be true.

6.Make up your mind and commit yourself to someone or something and never waver.

7.Acknowledging someone's existence is one of those inalienable things that everybody deserves...So speak to people when you see them in the morning...My Father taught me that!

8.A Bird in hand is worth two in the bush....My grand mother used to say that and I had no idea what she was talking about until I had lived a little bit longer....I know what it means now...

9.I was in Miami one summer as a child and II was cutting a Pineapple....First one I'd ever had...I was cutting the brown spots or bruises off...when my great aunt, We called her "Mama Lottie" asked me..'Baby what are you doing?"  I said "I'm cutting the brown bruises off of this pineapple, to which she replied.."The brown spots are the sweetest part."-There is a lesson there, hope you didn't miss it!

10.You don't have to always be on time....but make sure you're in time!



Sunflower said...

I love these posts!

Toni said...

As usual you are on point on all ten points Keith!

Angie B. said...

That's what I love about your blogs...You always keep ti real!

Vanessa said...

What Angie B. said.


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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