Monday, November 3, 2014

What I've Learned

1.My Mother taught me..."Never Pay for something you don't want" And she wasn't just talking about retail.

2.If you're not willing to give,if you don't have any flex and you're constantly stuck in your own ways or you're constantly fighting because you wanna do what you wanna do without recognizing what the other person wants, that is probably the quickest way to destroy a marriage and a friendship.

3.Having been in the military I learned this one thing...Your government will lie to you to send you to some war, and as a patriotic American you'll unhesitatingly and unquestionably answer the call. But once there, you'll fight for one thing and one thing only to make it home alive."

4. Every Day is a Good One...It's A Day Extra!

5,When I was young I thought I couldn't die.... or at least I acted like it... I know better now. But I'm glad I didn't know better then.

6. The Old Folks used to say "I'm here because somebody prayed for me...I'm pretty sure that a lot of people must have prayed for me..

7.There's no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, let alone anything.

8. We're all good at going fast but we need to practice going slow for awhile.

9.If You're not happy with yourself...Then chances are You won't be happy with anyone else.

10.Karma is real!


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