Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I've Learned

1.Sometimes ,No Matter How Hard You Try..Trouble will find you.

2.It's Impossible to know what all a day will bring.

3.You can't run from life...You still have to live it.

4.You can not always control your circumstances.

5.The Road to Hell is filled with good intentions.

6.Cherish a Good Day, but don't try to relive it...Each day is different.

7.Guys are under so much pressure to be manly, masculine That's not as comfortable as it is for women to be womanly, that's for sure. It's stressful to be a man.

8. You should really get to know a woman, really be her friend. I mean, my wife is my closest friend. Sure, I'm attracted to her in every way possible, but that's not the answer. Because I've been attracted to other women, and I couldn't stand 'em after knowing em for a while.

9.The Older I get, the more my mind wanders...

10. The Older I get, the more my mind wonders..



Sunflower said...

I love these posts....They are so introspective!

Toni said...

Love These Posts!

Angie B. said...

The First five are on point!

Rita said...

Number 1 is the Truth!


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