Thursday, January 28, 2016

Random Thoughts

1. One on One between Allen Iverson and Steph Curry...Who would win?

2. Is Donald Trump's campaign for real or some big ruse?

3.Since the only thing they can do with the water in Flint, Michigan is flush the toilet...Why should they pay the water bill?

4.The FBI made the first arrests today in that Militia take over of the federal Wildlife reserve...I guess they were tired of being punked for two weeks.

5.Can anybody tell me what purpose snow serves?

6.Chris Christie the governor of New Jersey was asked why he was still in New Hampshire campaigning when there was flooding and  snowstorm damage in New Jersey...He replied flippantly-
''What do you want me to do, go down there with a mop?" What if President Obama addressed people like that? Can you imagine the outrage??

7.Donald Trump is not participating in the Republican debate tonight...Depending on your opinion of Donald Trump, you can either blame Megyn Kelly or send her flowers.

8. Beauty or Danger?

9.I love That McDonald's serves Breakfast All Day!

10.I'm sure Gonna Miss President Obama when he's gone!

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