Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Republican Party Is Burning

By the time you read this...It will be after so called "Super Tuesday " and the inevitable will have happened....Donald Trump will more than likely have won at least 7 of the 11 states voting and will be well on his way to his party's nomination...

There is only one problem though....his party doesn't want him to have the nomination.
When his campaign began...I'm sure the republican establishment regarded him as a fluke..

They probably thought..."Oh he won't be around long."  Well....He's still around and what's more..He's winning...And his constituency is those people the Republican Party has long been in bed with, but tried to keep a secret...Angry...frightened...Uneducated whites..who tend to be a little older...Who don't give a damn about traditional Republican policies or Wall Street Businessmen, but who just wants a candidate who sticks it to all those Blacks and Latinos...(niggas and wetbacks)and bombs the crap out of all A-RABS and Muslims....They can't tell the difference...

The Republicans have always courted these types FOR VOTES, but have never wanted to be publicly associated with them....especially after the election was over...
These poor, mostly middle and working class whites have always been counted on to vote against their own class interests..Which by the way happen to be the same as mine..

If they weren't so buffoonishly stupid and unapologetically racist...I might even feel sorry for them..

These are the folks..Those diseffected folk who are fueling Donald Trump's wins...and who will be the downfall of the Republican Party ,who were talking about trying to reach out to Blacks and Latinos and broaden their base just seven years ago...(I actually believed them back then.)

That was all talk now....Donald Trump is the candidate the Tea Party and Fox news birthed....and I can't see any thinking Black or Latino person or Woman for that matter supporting the Republican Party now!

I have friends who were once Republicans who are now Independents...They couldn't deal with the Racist rhetoric.

And now one way or another ,the Republicans are going to have to deal with this disaster in the making..Donald Trump.

As I write this...On Tuesday afternoon....Tonight...Donald J. Trump is odds-on to win at least seven of the 11 contested Republican presidential primaries. If he does so, he is better than odds-on to be the Republican presidential nominee.

The facts are as stark as the slopes of Lookout Mountain in the early morning light. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished, especially by those of us who see the Republicans as having been cruising for this particular bruising ever since it so greedily ate the monkeybrains in the 1980s. But, from the people who make their living at being Republicans, we are seeing the kind of existential panic that you only see once or twice in a century. It's Watership Down, with Super PACs and Mitch "Dr. No"McConnell.

Almost daily now, we are seeing increasingly fantastical notions being floated by practically everyone with an increasingly meaningless title. McConnell lets it be known that the party's congressional candidates will drop He, Trump "like a hot rock" he says  come the fall.
Someone else is counting on a "brokered convention," or even changing the rules to free up the delegates won through the entire process, as though that would be anything but a sprawling knife-fight to which the most peaceable solution would be the creation of third, fourth, and fifth-party candidacies.
Still other people speak dreamily of saviors—Paul Ryan, who would preside over the convention, or even Willard "Mitt" Romney, who keeps sniping at Trump on Twitter while  Trump snaps back (correctly) that Mitt Romney is a two-time loser whom nobody really likes.
Make no mistake about it: All of these scenarios are profoundly corrupt and profoundly anti-democratic. Look,I'm certainly not a fan of Donald Trump, but Donald Trump has played by the rules established by the largely vestigial Republican establishment.
He won in caucus states (Nevada), and he won in primary states (South Carolina, New Hampshire).
He stands poised to win states tonight from Massachusetts to Alabama. There has been no hint of scandal in any of his victories. It is delusional to pretend that he is not the overwhelming choice of the people who are voting Republican in the year of Our Lord 2016. And it is intellectually dishonest to try to concoct strategies to deny the consensus choice of your party a nomination fairly won just because the consensus choice of your party is a vulgar talking yam. If your party happens to have concocted a constituency with a sweet tooth for authoritarian nonsense, then trying (again) to push that reckoning down the road is to guarantee something even worse comes along next time.
Neither Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz is going to save them...No Offense...but neither of them can carry the Latino vote...and the people who are voting for Donald Trump are not going to suddenly vote for either of them or Poor Ben Carson, who for the life of me..I can't understand..Why he is still running.
And Kaisch of Ohio?  I'm certain by the time you read this, he will have suspended his campaign and dropped out of the race...
The Republicans will have no choice but to unite behind Trump...A wild card who they can't control or write this one off and secretly hand the keys to the White House to Hillary or Bernie..Either way...They lose...
Me, I'm just going to sit back and watch it happen.

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