Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What I've Learned

1. You can't please everybody.

2. Trying to please everybody will cause you eternal unhappiness and sleepless nights.

3.If I take my wedding ring off....(which I did recently when I had surgery and then to have it re-sized) It didn't make me any less married!

4.Always ask for a doggie bag when you're eating in a strange place....(That way you can dispose of the food you don't plan to eat later and not offend anybody)

5.Women think differently than men (Should have learned that at least 56 years ago!)

6.Curiosity is akin to excitement ,with me anyway!

7.Walk the streets alone and you look afraid, you'll draw people to you...I always looked like I was mad at the world...That and the fact that I'm well over six feet and 200 pounds..kept a lot of people away from me.

8.I have always loved my mind...That's why I try to keep it active....With new thoughts and Ideas...

9.We can choose to ignore the truth...but once you know it....You know it and there can be no turning back..

10.Everybody that comes with you...can't go with you!

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