Thursday, May 12, 2016

All In How You Perceive It

I am often amazed at how biased and two faced the media,both Social and Regular media can be when covering things and how stupid the general public can be ,in believing certain things...Case in point...David Bowie died and I don't think they revealed that he had Cancer for a few days...Still he died...people mourned and that was that.
Prince died and within hours..before his body was even cold..some of the most ridiculous theories as to what caused his death spread like wildfire over some legitimate media vehicles..Everything from he had AIDs to he died of an overdose to the most ridiculous...wait for it.....

He was murdered by the Illuminati...What equally amazes me is how many people ,who you would believe are sane...actually believe this crap..when the truth is...Nobody knows what his cause of death is yet...Yet everybody is speculating.

 I got it from good sources that the Illuminati was NOT responsible..I met with several high ranking officials in the Illuminati last week for lunch and drinks and they told me that 1. They did not murder Prince or Micheal Jackson...2. Beyonce,Jay-Z and Kanye West ARE NOT in the illumninati .3.Tupac and Elvis really are dead...Though I swear there is this guy who comes in the 7-11 who looks just like Tupac...but if they say so... and 4. Some IDIOT is going to read this and believe the last paragraph!

All In how you perceive it baby!

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