Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Supreme Court Actually Got It Right

Maybe Justice Anton Scalia's death yielded some goodwill after all!

I have long been a critic of this current Supreme Court calling it the most reactionary Supreme Court in ages...Mainly because of it's inclusion of Clarence "Uncle" Thomas and the late Anton Scalia...

With Scalia now deceased...perhaps the Supremes mellowed on a racially sensitive issue..

Yesterday ,The U.S. Supreme Court  left in place a lower court's ruling that said Virginia's Republican-led legislature unlawfully considered race when drawing U.S. congressional districts by packing black voters into one of them.

The court, down a justice following February's death of Antonin Scalia, ruled 8-0 against current and former Republican U.S. House of Representatives members who had challenged a June 2015 lower court ruling that threw out the district.

The court said the Republican lawmakers did not have legal standing to bring the case.
The focus of the case was on the composition of the majority-black House district held by Democrat Bobby Scott, the only black member of Virginia's congressional delegation.

Republican legislatures across the country have been trying to change districts in order to create winning districts for themselves...It is both unconstitutional and criminal...All the more reason that the average man on the street, both Black and White believe the system is rigged...

One more reason that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's outsider status is so appealing to so many...

This time the Supremes got it right and as surprised as I am...I give credit when and where it is deserved.

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