Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Outrage, What Outrage?

I heard a rumor that Vladmir Putin , who is said to be a great crooner has agreed to sing at President Elect Donald Trump's inauguration in a few weeks.

Yeah, Vladmir Putin has released the lists of songs he will be singing at Trump's innauguration in a few weeks...He's starting out with "Strangers in The Night.." I heard him sing this at rehearsals and I must say...except for the heavy accent..He sounds almost like Sinatra...He's also going to sing..."You and I (We can conquer ze world) He won't make me forget Stevie Wonder..but he did it pretty good...and for his encore he plans to sing "Love Will Keep us together.." Wow! Quite an ecclectic collection of songs...I for one can't wait! How bout you?
I'm kidding about all of that....but still this Bromance between Trump and Putin should worry you...It should enrage you lovers of liberty....and yet I don't see the outrage that you would see if say I mentioned Colin Kaepernick kneeling and not standing for the pledge of Allegiance in protest to the police shootings of African-Americans...Something that is his right as a citizen of these United States...
Did you notice  that we haven't heard a thing about Hillary's emails since the election and the same folks who were so outraged over her emails aren't the least bit worried about Russian interference in our election...No big deal to them...Which just goes to show that people pick and choose what they want to be outraged about! (Or rather they allow FOX NEWS TO TELL THEM WHAT TO BE OUTRAGED ABOUT!)

We are all just a nation of sheep....THINK....It Aint illegal yet!!!! STAY WOKE!

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