Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Follow This Money Trail

If you weren't concerned about who got booted off of "Dancin With The Stars" last week , you still might not know about this scandal. Certain people in the Tea Party and their sponsor party, the G.O.P., would like to keep this a secret...

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest sources of corporate cash backing Republican candidates this year, has been using money from foreign corporations in India, Bahrain, and elsewhere to fund its attack ads, in apparent violation of the law. Yes, I said in violation of the law. But, when has that really mattered to people like this? Only when you and I are breaking it.

This explosive news could shift the course of the election if the Chamber of Commerce is forced to scale back and all the right-wing tea party candidates they’re helping will have to answer for it. This will be quite interesting. There was a time when news like this would've had people out in the streets yelling their heads off in outrage... but that time has come and gone.

I was still in high school when people actually cared and thought that they just might have a say in things. Now, people only get passionate about Michael Bolton being kicked off of Dancing With The Stars. Folks were actually upset about that! And, the people in the Chamber of Commerce responsible for this knows it. Their strategy is to give no quarter and hope this blows over. In the last week, they’ve actually spent millions more on ads targeted against President Barack Obama and other Democratic and progressive candidates.

They claim in the chamber that it has internal systems to keep the money separate, but the new report shows that the foreign corporations donate directly to the Chamber’s general fund, which is where the funding for their political attacks comes from. This would represent a shocking disregard for longstanding American campaign finance laws, all to advance a corporate, right-wing agenda of outsourcing jobs and giving huge tax breaks to multi-national corporations.

These guys are something else! They are allegedly raising money from firms in China, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, and many other places. They are borrowing and spending more money than any other lobbyist group to back the Tea Party and right-wing nut jobs, which tells me they are afraid. They don't like what's going on and want to change things back to the way they were... despite the fact that the shape of the nation right now proves that didn't work.

They want their tax cuts back, I suppose. I used to watch "The Wire" and I remember Detective McNulty used to say... "If you follow drug dealers, all you'll find is drugs and guns. But, if you follow THE MONEY, there's no telling where you'll wind up or what you'll find? You can be sure this money is not only backing these politicians, but going towards a lot of other sinister things that you and I don't know anything about and won't know anything about, if these shadowy guys have their way.

Until they come knocking on my door in the dark of the night, I'll continue to keep you posted on what people in your government is doing. Until then, this is another public service announcement from none other than, the Maverick of All Bloggers!


2cute4u said...

Interesting read Keith..

Arlene said...

Well done, good and faithful writer! Tell the truth! Those seeds will land on fertile ground somewhere. We must keep telling the whole story. Harold Jackson wrote a good piece in the Inquirer on the tea party comparing them to the Know Nothing party of the 17 &1800s. We must know and understand history so we don't have to repeat our errors. And last night PBS started a series entitled God in America exploring our country's beginning. Check it out on the pbs.org website where you can watch the entire episode. Last night presented the Baptists' role in the freedom of religon doctrine.

Anna Renee said...

Many folks want their country back and believe it's Obama who's stealing it. But what they refuse to believe is that the Corporations, and certain politicians are selling it out from under them! Why keeping them asleep with their eyes wide open, watching Michael Bolton? get mad? when someone tells him what's obvious to the whole world? Stick to singing.
Wow! has America ever been so asleep?
It's a new level of madness going on here, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mizrepresent said...

Keith, thanks for this, bc i am one for sure who didn't know about this. I appreciate you informing and educating us...you are the blogger to go to for information and thats on the real :)


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