Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Summer Of Lebron Is Over!

It's that time again... basketball season! I'm a true fan. I sat back and watched this summer as Lebron James left Cleveland and headed to Miami, along with Chris Bosh, who left Toronto. I watched the coach of Cleveland go nuts and I listened to him being criticized by every sportswriter and every legendary former basketball player from Michael Jordan to Charles Barkley to even Larry Bird, who usually doesn't say much about anything.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I even wrote a blog post defending Lebron. I said that like any other player who's contract is up, he had a right to go to whatever team he wanted. Athletes in all sports do it everyday. Why was everybody making a big deal out of him going to Miami? That is what I said... a month later, I was sorry I said anything.

First off, he had that ridiculous ESPN special called "The Decision", where he ended all of the speculating and finally revealed to America that he was leaving Cleveland and going to Miami. This was after much pontificating and several commercials for McDonalds, Nik,e and Jiffy Lube! Then, when he and Chris Bosh get to Miami with Dwayne Wade and form the so-called "Super Team", the three of them are once again on television in yet another ridiculous special announcing that they are here and ready to rule the NBA! This is what happens when you hire your best friend from the hood (who dropped out of college) to be your Public Relations Manager! What gets me is that neither Lebron nor his PR guy understand why people outside of Cleveland are pissed at him! He comes off now as another arrogant, spoiled, crybaby athlete.

The sportscasters have all but annointed them the future NBA champions! As I write this, the Boston Celtics (that uh, other super team) is running a clinic on the would-be champions... up by as many as 20 points at times in this game. Lebron is blaming his bad PR on racism, making nutty Nike commercials with Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame), and whining about keeping scores of all of the athletes who have criticized him, mainly Charles Barkley.

I imagine that right now, the defending world champions, the Los Angelas Lakers and Kobe Bryant, are thankful for all of the attention that is now on the Heat and Lebron James. Kobe, who was formerly the most hated basketball player in America, is now the patron saint of the sport. All of the daggers are now aimed at Lebron James. See how fast America forgets?

Lebron James can take solace in this and only this... he is still not the most hated athlete in America. Last time I checked, Tiger Woods is still holding on to that title strongly! The summer of Lebron is thankfully over and now the defending champs, the would-be champs, and the annointed champs all are on equal ground. None of them have won a game yet. Some of them haven't played a game yet. It's put up or shut-up time now. We will see who wears the crown in June. But for now, let the games begin!

NBA... It's fantastic!


SLC said...

We are all witnesses

The Heat and the King are 0 and 1

Arlene said...

Suit up cousin! I bet the Sixers will need you tonight. Hey, call Jeff. He runs ball on the Sixers' level. The two of you will help our home team!!

Sfgiantsslamtexas said...

Go Giants!!!!! Check Go Giants!!


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