Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Notes On The Coming Primary

For a minute, you probably thought you landed on Good Foodie by mistake, didn't you? LOL! Well, as the November Primary gets closer and closer there are certain questions I keep asking myself and I hope you good people are asking them too. Questions like...

Are Americans stupid enough to elect a witch? Are Americans stupid enough to elect a former WWE steroid-using wrestler now CEO? Are Americans stupid enough to elect another CEO who admittedly hires illegal aliens... as well as a guy in Tennessee who says he wants to repeal the 1965 Civil Rights act... or a whole cast of characters who want to cut the (already) minimum wage? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then we as a nation are in big, big trouble.

These are just a sampling of Republican/Tea Party backed candidates that are actually running for office next month. The inmates have finally escaped from the asylum and what's worse, they're being taken seriously. But how can they be?

According to pollster Mark Murray, "Democrats have cut in half the GOP's early-September advantage on the question of which party's candidates voters say they will support on November 2nd. They have also made small gains on the question of which party people trust to handle big issues, such as the economy and health care.

President Obama's approval rating has rebounded to where it was in July. But, despite these apparent signs of improvement, the new Post-ABC poll suggests that Democrats remain at a significant disadvantage. Among likely voters, Republicans hold a six-point edge, 49% to 43, on the congressional ballot.

At this time four years ago, Democrats led by 12 points. Then, Democrats also held a 19-point advantage when voters were asked which party they trusted to deal with the country's main problems. Wow, how fickle are the American voters? What a difference two years can make... this is a fast food, quick-fix generation. Americans are spoiled rotten and used to living a certain way. In fact, we arrogantly expect to live a certain way. Nobody has time to read, analyze, or truly understand a problem. So, likewise, nobody has anytime to see a plan work itself out either.

Mike Sargent of the New York Post wrote, "Forty-nine percent think the GOP would lead the country in a 'new direction,' versus only 43% who think the GOP would return to Bush policies. Apologies for repeating this, but the simple fact is that the GOP may have already achieved separation from the party of Bush that ran the economy into the ground. Voters may not be buying a core Dem message in the numbers Dems need."

Yes, but have they looked at some of the candidates the Republicans have put before them? Have they heard one solution the Republican Party has come up with to improve the economy and get people working again? I've been waiting and all I've seen them do is say "No!" and try to veto everything this president and the party in power has attempted to do. That's fine if you have a better idea... a plan... or even a clue. But, if all you have is anger and a lot of crazy agendas that don't begin to address the issues, that's clearly not improvemant... that's insanity!

They say people get the kind of government they deserve. If any of the clowns I mentioned gets elected to Congress, then we deserve the laughter, scorn, and disdain of the entire world. We as a nation don't deserve to say anything to the people of Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan about "good government" because we don't even pay close attention to our own!


2cute4u said...

Interesting read...

Veronica W. said...

Very interesting indeed. Keith I'm in prayer about this. It seems that people really aren't thinking about the background of these candidates.

I need God-fearing people "leading" my country. Though they all tell a few tales to get where they need to be, I'm sure but outward admittance of witchcraft and sorcery..I'm not down with it!

Arlene said...

Yes, people are stupid enough to elect a witch in Delaware, a brain-rattled, steriod abusing wrestler in Conn., a womanizing adulterer in NY, and an out right racist in TN. Hey, we in PA may elect a "wall-street" leaning senator who will block any regulation that might protect us from further fiscal harm.

So what's new? People have always been stupid. We got kicked out of the garden of beauty and bounty. With the increases of greed and hubris, humanity suffers. And misery loves company! Even the physical earth screams in anguish with the actions of man!

I say just watch and pray. Trust in Lord. And vote with love!

Basil said...
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