Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Only In Philadelphia

This past Sunday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden graced our fair city. They were here to energize (or re-energize) the Democratic faithful and get them motivated to go out and vote next month in the Primary elections.

Pennsylvainia Governor Ed Rendell, took the day off from his other gig, sportscasting to host this rally. No, I'm not kidding... our governor appears weekly on Comcast Cable channel 63 after each Eagles game, along with three others, to breakdown the Eagles game. He is probably the only governor in the 50 states that moonlights as a sportscaster, while still in office!

But I digress... that's probably the mildest in the theatre of the bizzare that occurred on this day. A naked man ran past the stage where the president was speaking with the website written on his chest. He was reportedly offered one million dollars to streak in front of the president. After he gets out of jail, I'm sure his money will be there waiting for him-LOL!

If that wasn't bizzare enough, an over exuberant guy throws a book up on the stage while the president is waving to the crowd. I saw the film footage and the president didn't even see the book when it was thrown. It went up in the air and then fell down behind him. Alert Secret Service Agents handcuffed the book... (No, I'm kidding!) they questioned the man and, as it turned out, he meant no harm. In fact, he wrote the book... he was just a little over exuberant, so he was released.

Of course, Fox News played it up as though the man who tossed the book on the stage was like the Iraqi shoe thrower who hurled his shoes at President Bush a few years ago... but, it was not the same thing. Sorry guys... no Tea Party sympathizers at this rally. Yet, the goings on were nutty enough that they could've only have happened in Philadelphia!


2cute4u said...

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Grover Tha Playboy said...

Wait! Your Governor is a sportscaster? Are you kidding me??


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