Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday in Philadelphia.   If you're a sports fan you'll immediately know what I mean....You're waking up and headed to the shower.....knowing you've got to go to work this morning....and knowing you've got to pay bills this week and also knowing that probably the only thing that made you feel collectively good on days like this was having a winning sports franchise. know that you don' have that....You know that on Friday night, in front of the home crowd of uber enthusiastic fans (You know how we do here in Philly!) , with their best pitcher on the mound....The Philadelphia Phillies couldn't buy a run....(Hell, they couldn't buy a hit!) and managed to lose the game and all hopes of going to the World Series this year...1-0.....

Yesterday.....Your once thought to be , well constructed Football team....Termed the "Dream Team" by an over zealous Vince Young has proven to be a nightmare for the fans once again as they lost for the fourth time in only five games this season.

The beer is soggy and warm now...The games are all over and you can't bare to read a newspaper or even turn on ESPN or look at MSNBC Sports on the internet.....It's just Blue Monday.

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SLC said...

Pray for me.
I live in Virginia, where people have adopted the redskins as their favorite team. That includes my father in laws. Yeah I have two of them. I however am a Cowboys fan. Yeah, Romo's team. Being from the lovely state of New Jersey I am also a Nets, Knicks, Mets, Yankees, Jets and Giants fan. I feel your pain.

By the way the biggest loss for the Phillies was first baseman Ryan Howard. On the bright side, y'all still have the 100 million dollar man. Don't suck your teeth and say yeah right! You could have Romo. That alone should brighten your blue Monday.



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