Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Two of my favorite stores..(They're my favorite because they gave me credit first!) have recently announced that they are scaling back or rather closing some of their stores.

I sincerly hope that they aren't closing their locations near me...but , they say they are closing some of their stores in the United States that are underperforming. Here goes another of these vague terms that say one thing, but actually means another.

I'd be interested to know just what "underperforming" means. Were these particular stores losing money or just not making as much as the others?

If they're actually costing the company money then fair enough, but if it's just that their profit margins aren't as big then I'm sure those 2000 or more people losing their jobs appreciate the difference.

We ALL depend on people spending their money, but here's the problem:
Big Business  and large banks in general are sitting on billions of dollars with little to no incentive to put it back in circulation.

As long as these two factions simply take in ever larger amounts of cash, and simply sit on it without re-investing it, our economy will continue to erode. This movement conservatism encourages this new status quo, and it is poised to continue that at all costs. America - as we've known it - could just die, and the folks who control the money simply wouldn't care.

Now see, this is just my simple personal take on this as it effects my small world...but this is how it's affecting everybody....And people wonder why worldwide protests are breaking out against corporate greed?  Really?

The other shoe is dropping nation wide; and it looks like there are no plans in the works, to get America moving again; We are in for a long haul and a very rough time; thank you Washington and Big Business...Thank you very much.

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