Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. The protestors who are occupying Wall Street and other areas around the country are called "Mobs" by Republicans like Eric ''Hedge Fund Baby" Cantor...but the Tea Party crowds were just concerned citizens.".Go figure!

2.Ever seen a future that looked so unpromising and dismal?

3.They say that people like Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas are Black...But I don't believe it...I think the costume company that made them deserves an award!

4.Republicans used to be conservative thinking individuals, yet  fairly reasonable people otherwise...Today they are batshit crazy as my late Grandmother would have phrased it!

5.Where is Richard Steele now of days??I still have hope that that Brother will see the light "And come on home and cut out all of this foolishness" as my late mother and or my late aunt Jeanne (I'm not sure which one used to say it the most) would have said.

6.I don't think the Fat Cats are shaking in their boots yet, but I'm pretty sure they are starting to get a little concerned...Angry unemployed people can also spell, limited profits...That's pretty damn scary (To them!)

7.In 2008, I thought a change was gonna come.....This is more of the same....

8. Somewhere in West Hell, Osama Bin Laden and Sadamn Hussein are laughing their butts off!

9.Right now, I don't need change, just some stability.

10.Did I already ask if you've ever seen a future that looked so unpromising and dismal?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little optimistic about our future,because the wool is pulled off of the people eyes globally,the same going on everywhere,the political irresponsibility is like a virus.The people of a world will have a choice to make concerning the dismal mismanagement of our nation, or it will be feast or famine,nobody is going to let things get too far gone,especially (GOD)it's time to speak out now!and vote out the incompetent every election possible.who said you have to be a governor,mayor ,business leader,senator,to run for public office,Keith go for it!


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