Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And Now....The Real Convention Begins!

Normally, around this time of the month I'd be writing my "What I've Learned " Post.... You know my personal recollection of things this life has taught me... Maybe later on this week....Right now, there is a Democratic National Convention to cover that is kicking off as I write this.

I didn't write anything about that other convention because well, I didn't watch too much of it...The night I did watch it , the last night ,turned out to be the most bizarre night of all..I watched an American Icon and one of my favorite actors, Clint Eastwood (who I didn't even know was a Republican ) make a fool out of himself , talking to an empty chair...(At least I hope he knew the chair was empty...)

I commented on my Facebook and Twitter pages the next day- " Last night I watched whatever it was Clint Eastwood was trying to say at the RNC..Clint was upstaged by both a piece of furniture and his own dementia. For a lifelong fan of the man ,that was truly painful for me to watch. I'm just saying."

Anyway...Enough about Clint and enough about the Republican convention....If I wanted to see fantasy..I could just watch HBO's "True Blood" or ABC's "Once Upon a Time"

Now the real meat and potatoes convention begins.....
Democrats are set to showcase their own diversity on the opening evening of their convention in Charlotte, a week after Republicans put their rising women and Latino stars on display in Tampa. First lady Michelle Obama is set to lead a gathering of voices meant to energize some of President Barack Obama's and the Democratic Party’s core voters and stymie Republican efforts to make inroads with those communities.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (photo below) will deliver the keynote address as a prime-time counterpoint to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s speech to the Republican National Convention last week. And other slots will go to speakers meant to motivate young voters, women, and African-Americans to turn out to the polls in November.

President Obama's campaign downplays the idea of an enthusiasm gap between its supporters and those of Republican nominee Mitt Romney. They also dismiss the notion of waning excitement from their own key constituencies now vs. four years ago. “No, hell no,” a top Obama campaign official said of the notion in previewing the night’s speeches. Polls, though, suggest that one of the enduring challenges for the president will be in making sure core Democratic groups turn out to the polls this fall.

Right now...President Obama leads  Mitt Romney by 10 points among women and by 35 points among Latinos, according to last August’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, the challenge for Democrats involves making sure those voters turn out to the polls. That challenge is particularly evident in North Carolina, the home to this week’s convention and where President Obama won by only 14,000 votes in 2008; a victory due in large part to high turnout from young voters and African Americans.African American voters who they are trying to supress at the polls, Latino voters who they are trying to supress at the polls...

President Obama  has staked much of his re-election effort on making the 2012 race into a "choice," rather than a referendum on his first term. He often admonishes audiences: “Don't boo – vote!”

But as Republicans push a time-tested attack on incumbents “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” (and raise Ronald Reagon from the grave) this week, tonight’s speakers will try to reverse any sense of disillusionment or disappointment.

To that end, the GOP trotted out a series of high-profile figures, like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, and would-be first lady Ann Romney, to make the case against Obama, with an eye toward women and Latinos.

Many of the Democrats who will speak tonight are arranged to make the counterpoint to Republicans’ messaging last week.

The important thing that I keep saying here is that whether you think so or not...Somebody thinks your vote is important!!! If they didn't...They wouldn't be trying to keep you from voting with all of this voter fraud nonsense and demanding that you produce a photo ID (possibly one day a DNA sample, a birth certificate and a copy of your report card from grade school!)

But I digress...The convention is about to begin as I write this.....I'm off to watch the coverage on Television...

6:06 pm EST!


BluJewel said...

Sadly, I missed the opening ceremony last night; however, I did watch Michelle Obama's speech on YouTube this morning and damn if she didn't bring me to tears. The authentic passion in her words and delivery was amazing. She spoke about real life, real issues, and things I can actually relate to not just as a black woman, but as a woman period. A woman who has seen the struggles and been through the struggles; continue to go through the struggles. I thought about my own daughter and pray that she has registered to vote because her life and future depends on it.

Michelle delivered with class, dignity, and pride, which is a far cry from what others have done. I applaud her tenacity, strength, and her convictions. If I'd had any moments of apathy, they're now gone and I feel renewed in my steadfast efforts to ensure I continue to pay it forward.

As a new school year begins, I know my work as a mentor will be more important than ever and my role as such echoes what Michelle stated in her speech. My successes in life are attributed to not my own willingness to get ahead, but by those who paved the way for me and reached a hand out to me.

I pray people will listen to words and see by the examples of the Obama's that in spite of skin colour we are all the same and want the same things.

LadyLee said...

Day one of the dem convention was great. I watched the RNC covention, but i felt likea girl who showed up a party... That I wasnt invited to. Sigh.

I agree with Blu... First Lady Michelle Obama's speech was beyond exceptional. I could relate. And that's a good thing.

Arlene said...

Sister Michelle did it last night!! Our first lady continues to make me proud!! I'm with Blu and LadyLee: tears brimmed. What a life story to tell!! I was especially impressed with the tenacity shown by Michelle's dad who sufferred with MS. That man got up every day and went to work, on cruthes or with a walker (not a million dollar horse,) to provide for his family and set the example of hard work that leads to success. The success that's measured by contributing to making this world a better place, not just by the size of a bank account. We know that the Romneys bank accounts, both foreign and domestic, grew to the millions because people's jobs were eliminated and pension plans were gutted. I think the Romneys should be ashamed. They think it's their "turn." NOT!!!

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