Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Would You Believe....?

I know that right now, everybody is talking about Mitt Romney calling half of you out there lazy, shiftless ,free loading bums...and I would pontificate more on what he said yesterday...but I feel like this...

When a man is drowning , when a man is cutting his own throat.....YOU LET HIM!!

If you are a supporter of the President, there is good news right now...The percentage of voters believing that the country is better off since Barack Obama became president jumped seven points after the two political conventions, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Thirty-eight percent of registered voters now say the nation is better off, which is up from 31 percent in the August NBC/Wall Street Journal poll conducted before the conventions. Still, a plurality of voters -- 41 percent -- believe the country is worse off, while 21 percent think it's in the same place.

"Are you better off than you were four years ago?" has been a question that Republicans raised  ad nauseum right before the Democratic convention began earlier this month. And top officials and surrogates from President Obama's campaign had a difficult time, initially, answering the question.

But in his convention address the day before President Obama's acceptance speech, former President Bill Clinton answered the question affirmatively. “No president -- not me or any of my predecessors -- could have repaired all the damage in just four years. But conditions are improving, and if you'll renew the president's contract you will feel it.”

I believe this...and I hope that more people will actually see and feel this..I definitely..when I look at the big picture see that as a nation we are better off now than in 2008.  People just can't imagine how bad things could have been if the banks and the auto industry had taken a twin dive at the same time...

The Obama campaign has  followed up with a new TV ad -- on the fourth anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse  which also making the case that the country is better offnow than in 2008.

The new NBC/Wall Street Journal  poll asks a separate question: Which candidate -- President Obama or Mitt Romney -- is better prepared to lead the country four years from now? On this question, 47 percent of voters pick the president(there goes that 47% that Mitt was talking about!), while 36 percent choose Romney.

The full NBC/Wall Street Journal poll -- which was taken of 900 registered voters (270 by cell phone) from Sept. 12-16 and which has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.3 percentage points -- will be released at 6:30 pm ET. That release will include the poll's initial look at the presidential contest among likely voters.

All I can say is that right now...I'd rather be in the Obama camp instead of the Romney camp...Stay tuned people!

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Captain Jack said...

You are still givin it to the people!


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