Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday 7 -Seven Reasons why the Republican Party is faltering in the polls!

1.For allowing the Tea Party to find a home in your party. Ronald Reagan would have viewed these people as a terrorist group and treated them accordingly. Blame yourselves for funding them through the Republican National Committee  in the 2010 elections knowing good and well, good and damn well they were morons that had no clue about how to govern in those positions.

2.For embracing Grover Nordquist, The Koch Brothers, and all of these losers who formally were the laughing stock of your party and letting them have a home by funding the Tea Party activists.

3.  For allowing the Tea Party and all of the other loonies to push your party so far right, that your party is at the point of being repulsive.

4.  For the deplorable way you treated brother Michael Steele after he helped you take back the House and make substantial in the Senate. Everybody saw what you did to him and that verified that he was nothing more than a token Black man used to counter the black skin of  Barack Obama.

This is the  reason that now Brother Steele makes his money with MSNBC  and there was no job or platform for him on Fox News. While I'm on this topic , Is there a reason that Fox News has NO Blacks, Latinos or Asians that HOST a show on the network? Not one...Not a damn one!! If you start with Fox and Friends to Sean Hannity, to Bill O'Reilly, to Greta Van Susteran, you have not one non-white person to host your propoganda machine. (Maybe that's a good thing!)

5.For the using of the filibuster to death. You truly thought that all of America wouldnt see that? Did you really think that if you all stalled the country by blocking everything we would REALLY blame President Obama? Did you really think that when you said "Obama had the House and the Senate his first two years" that we would not know that the rules of the Senate allowed for the filibuster? Really? You couldnt possibly think we didnt see that.  Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles saw that!

And furthermore, Since you guys filibustered any and everything, it is evident that you all arent afraid to block things. So when you blame President Obama's policies, which policies are you talking about? The Stimulus, which was too small because you wouldnt allow for more to be added?  Which policies exactly are you talking about? Name one policy of President Obama's that could POSSIBLY be blamed, because if it was an Obama policy that made it through Congress, that means Republicans HAD to sign off on it. Now please ask yourselves, what policies are you speaking on?

(Crickets!....Yeah, just what I thought!)
6.For public hypocrisy .  In one breath you people preach that the stimulus bill was a bad idea and didnt work. Yet Paul Ryan, your Vice Presidential candidtate, asked for and got 20 million in stimulus money that created jobs in his district. Michelle "Soccor Mom"Bachmann asked for and got millions in stimulus money in her district. Hell you even had Republicans posing in pictures with businesses who received stimulus monies AFTER publicly speaking on how the Stimulus didnt work and was bad for America.

7. And finally for George Bush and Dick Cheney...who brought us Two unfunded and unnecessary wars, Tax cuts for the wealthy (two during those wars), deregulation that caused greedy avaricious Bankers and others to run this country damn near into the ground when you all had the White House, Senate, and House from 2001 - 2007.

Phew....Need I say anything else? 

Vote in November! 


Sean said...

DAMN KEITH!!! Tell us how you REALLY FEEL! LMAO!

Brenda said...

You better preach!

Toni said...

Whooooo, Who got you all pissed off? LOL!

Sunflower said...

You haven't done a Saturday 7 in a long time..So glad you did!

Angie B. said...

Go get em Keith!

Samuel Bastion said...

Tell The Truth and Shame the Republicans Brother!

James Perkins said...

OBAMA 2012 BAby!

Jazzy said...

Tell em like it is fam!


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