Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cry Baby!

I mentioned this yesterday and I swear this is the last time I'm going to write about this...The last time I'm going to give the crazies and the nut fringe any sense of legitimacy.
Everytime I hear the story the number changes....First I heard that people in 18 states petitioned President Obama for permission for their states to secede from the union...Then it was 20, then it was 15...Doesn't matter how many it is...It aint gonna happen...Not one state is going to leave the union...This is not 1860.

Shame on the Tea Party and Fox News and that whole right wing media crowd for stirring these nutty people up and having them to waste their time. Many of these folks that signed the petition couldn't run their own household, let alone an entire  nation/state...This is pure emotionalism and stupidity....These are spoiled brats who didn't get their way , so they want to take their ball and run home.

Let's look at some facts cry babies and then move on... Fact one, No state is going to leave the union...I doubt if any state will get even half of the signatures needed for the U.S. Government to even think about taking you seriously.

Fact two, Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the United States  whether you like it or not. Deal with it..There was no voter fraud and the only attempted voter fraud was by you good folks...Having failed in that....He won the popular vote by three million votes and the electoral college by over 100 votes....I'd say that that was a mandate!

Fact three, Why don't you just admit that he's Black and that is what really gets under your craw...You'll feel a lot better when you get that off of your chest.....No , he was not born in Kenya, but in Honolulu,Hawaii, a state....but you probably didn't know that since when they were teaching American History in High School ,you were picking your noses or scratching your ass in the corner somewhere. He is not a Muslim, but if he was, is that a crime?  He's not an Atheist...Can't be a Muslim and an Atheist at the same time.  He is not anywhere near a socialist or communist....and his college transcripts do not contain anything in them alluding to him being a "foreign student".

Fact Four, Fox News lies and makes up stories....They are not fair and unbalanced as they say. They apparently don't talk to other people who might share a different view than theirs and they all virtually live in a bubble...a bubble that keeps the outside world out...You all should try watching news on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN....anything but Fox.....I would suggest MSNBC....but they do tend to lean toward the left a bit...but the other networks I named are pretty straight forward, more so than Fox.

Finally cry babies.... He's been President elect for a week now....Has the world changed?  Is the world any different than it was on October 11th??? With the exception of the fact that you guys had false hope then?  Come on...Stop crying....In my time here on Earth, you Republicans have won the White House about ten more times than the Democrats...and I never acted like you guys are acting... You win some, you lose some...That's life....Get over it!  Stop crying!
Go have a cup of hot tea...Might make you feel better!


James Perkins said...

I can only imagine that those who filed these petitions are some of the most" patriotic" citizens if the good ole U.S. of A!!! Isn't succession an act of treason?? Smdh

Grover Tha Playboy said...

What a bunch of Pathetic Knuckle Draggers. Most of these States have citizens that use government assistance at a higher rate than the national norm and have more illiterates as well. Just a case of "empty barrels making the most noise" ;^(>

Angie B. said...

They can be a part of the U F( United Fools)

Samuel Bastion said...

It's all about race and power..

Swaggie said...

Two terms? They can't handle that..Y'all gon' make them lose they minds up in HERE, up in HERE!

Yvonne Anderson said...

They are acting out everywhere we go. Anger showing through in rude behavior on parking lots and such.

DBH said...

You aint never lied...I already know...had to snap on an old man at the mall. He made the comment to one of his buddies " She looks like she voted for Obama"

Halo said...

So much for their "patriotism"

Vanessa said...

You know what I say to em? Bye...Don't let the door hit ya!

Lisa said...

Racism is alive and well. Folks have been hiding for decades...now it's coming out, again!

Brenda said...

Its all about losing power...and money.

Cheryl said...

Dont let the doorknob hit you !!


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