Thursday, November 29, 2012


Ahhhh, let me see, what was it this time?  Did this kid have a hoodie on? Was the assailant still angry about President Obama winning the election and was therefor traumatized...You pick any silly reasoning for this one...

You know...I haven't forgottenTravonn Martin, another senseless ,racially motivated Florida case that has yet to go to trial.

And now we have this...Jacksonville, Florida Police say a 45-year-old man was taken into custody Saturday for fatally shooting a Florida teenager last week at a Jacksonville gas station after an argument that began over, get this... loud music.

Michael Dunn made his first court appearance Monday in Brevard County where he pleaded not guilty to murder in the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, CBS affiliate WTEV reports.

At a press conference Monday, Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the deadly incident occurred around 7:40 p.m. Friday.

Robert Schoonover said 17 year old Jordan Davis was sitting in a parked SUV with three other teens, when Michael Dunn parked next to their vehicle and made a comment about the loud music the group was playing. The 45-year-old apparently got into an argument with Jordan Davis, who was sitting in the back seat. During the altercation, Michael Dunn allegedly took out a gun and shot into the vehicle, striking Jordan Davis twice. Robert Schoonover says the vehicle had been shot 8 or 9 times in total, but no one else was injured.

Michael Dunn and his girlfriend, who was inside the gas station during the shooting, drove away from the scene, police said. Lt. Robert Schoonover said Dunn had apparently been driving to a hotel from his son's wedding when he stopped at the gas station.

Investigators are still trying to find out why the argument escalated into violence.

"It was loud," Schoonover said about the teens' music. "They admitted that. But I mean that's not a reason for someone to open fire on them and take action."

Glad he at least acknowledged that!

Michael Dunn claims he fired his weapon because he felt threatened, police say, Which is what Zimmerman and all of the other trigger happy folks who murder Blacks and in particular, unarmed Black men always say.   I could have on a Brooks Brothers suit and be carrying a bible in my hands and one of them would shoot me and tell the cops..."I FELT THREATENED!!! And what really gauls me is how many people would agree with this...and understand!

Shaking my damn head! It is after all...Florida~!


Swaggie said...

so what if the SUV had loud music?

what is it any of this guy's business?
Did he own the establishment?

Did he have any right to tell these kids to turn their music down?
if he didnot like the loud music,
did he have no other choice but to stay and shoot to kill?

this guy has no leg to stand on.
the exchange of words was his doing, when he confronted
the teens.
the teens had every right to be there as much as he did.

he had no right to tell these kids what to do.
he had no right to pull out a gun and shoot.
he had no reasonable expectation of fear since the kids were in the car,
and he too was in a vehicle, he simply had to just drive away.

the guy is toast!
not only did he commit murder and attempted murder,
but he also fled the scene.
which the gf should be charged with accessory to this murder,
since she was really the driver of the get away car!

Brenda said...

I saw this guys lawyer on Jane Velez and the lawyer is a work of art! But what do we expect from some defense lawyers! She is definitely buying into the lies of this guy and to how/ why
the whole thing happened! His story just doesn't add up! He's guilty guilty I say!

This is my opinion!

Samuel Bastion said...

Watch!They will be looking to get this kid's school records, facebook photos, tweets, etc. Let's see how fast Sean Hannityand that crowd is on the case.

Rick said...

Angry men who choose to let a gun do their talking for them? I can't tell you how many times I have been at a gas station or sitting at a red light and have been subjected to the bass of kids playing music. And does the thought even cross my mind to tell them to turn it down or even yet, pick up a gun and fire shots to "teach them a lesson"? Hades NO! It is but a moment in time of no consequence to me. This guy can cry Stand Your Ground, and he can claim there was, as yet, an unfound weapon in the teens' possession, but, he alone made a decision to fire 8 shots into a vehicle rather than drive away. How can anyone justify these actions, when not one shot was fired from the "phantom" shot gun? Further, he was at wedding/reception for his son in Orange Park? Sounds like he might have partied a little too hardy. Alchohol and guns are not a good mix.

James Perkins said...

The big thing this shooter did wrong was going back to his car, taking out his gun, loading it, THEN leaving his car and going back to shoot up the van.

Guilty. Slam-dunk. Whatever threat he alleges was presented by a gun he says was in the van was no longer imminent. Obviously, this was not self-defense, not "Standing Your Ground," This was vigilantism. The shooter took it upon himself to go after the people in the van, to chastise them for their perceived misconduct.

Here's an interesting twist on the drunkenness angle. Yes, it is possible the shooter was under the influence of alchohol. Start thinking like a prosecutor. Whom does that help? Voluntary intoxication is not a defense, BUT, it may negate premeditation. If we are going after the shooter for First Degree, do we really want to go there? .

I would definitely recommend murder charges in this case. Whether capital or not depends of how the jury finds the balancing factors.

Angie B. said...

My thoughts exactly James!

Toni said...

Here We go again! It's sickening!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Fortunately, Duval County isn't screwing around and charged this guy. I hope it sends a message to these entitled gun_toting renegades looking for an opportunity to test the law.

Arlene said...

And we'll keep going with these kinds of murders until the law is changed. This is another instance of ALEC and nasty little Grover!! These ultra-conservative groups put forth legislation and it passes, thanks in part to OUR NOT voting. We stood up for Presdient Obama but who else?? You know we're stuck with Corbett here in PA because the voter turnout was sooooo low. That's how we got the voter ID business from our lack of showing up on election day. Folks think we don't care and are easily made the brunt of laws passed.

I think we must participate in politics. Otherwise we are the victims.

Tate 2 said...

He was drunk....I'm almost certain of it...and alcohol, a loaded firearm and anger is not a good mix!


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