Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is election day!  I sincerely hope that whoever you vote for that you do indeed vote!  It is your right as an American Citizen.  I don't want to hear the kind of talk that I hear from both inner city blacks in the barber shop and pseudo intellectual blacks on college campuses..."That voting doesn't matter",  "The game is rigged and that the big money men decide who they want to be president!" , "This isn't our country anyway.", "Neither  party truly represents the needs of Black America." yada, yada,yada."

I've heard all of the lazy excuses for not voting and I've got this to say to anybody who perpetuates that sheer stupidity.... BULL!

You may not think your vote is important, but THEY DO!  They are spending money to have people thrown off of the voting rolls and even buying voting machine companies...THEY THINK YOUR VOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT!

The Koch Brothers and other wealthy businessmen are spending tens and millions of dollars to suppress your vote, to finance advertisements on Television, youtube, Facebook ,Twitter to either make you vote one way or discourage you from voting altogether.

And if that is not enough, take a look at this-

They thought it was important for you to be able to vote...because they couldn't.......They endured much, jailings, beatings, even death!

If All of these people thought and think your vote is important......


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Big Mark 243 said...

I hear you loud and clear Keith!! And I am co-signing every single letter in this post!!!


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